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  • BROWN (Brown) (Brown) Robert (1773-1858), English botanik, foreign corresponding member (1826) and the honorary member (1827) Petersburg AN. Has described a nucleus of a plant cell and a structure of a seedbud. Has placed the main distinctions between gymnosperm and pokrytosemennymi plants (1825), has discovered a Brownian movement (1827).
  • BROWN (Browne) Ð., see Brown R.
  • BROWNS Peter Ivanovich (1852/53-1927), the Russian meteorologist, one of founders of an agrometeorology, corresponding member AN the USSR (1925; corresponding member Petersburg AN with 1916, corresponding member Russian AN with 1917). Has entered (1910) concept of a "outside" (geographycal) environment of the Earth.
  • BROWNIAN MOVEMENT (braunovskoe motion), random motion of ultimate particles, fluidized in a liquid or gas, under influence of impacts of molecules of an environment; it is open by R.Brounom.
  • BROWN - SEKAR (Brown-Sequard) Charles (1817-94), the French physiologist and the neurologist. The main transactionses on physiology and a pathology of central nervous system. Probeed physiology of the endocrine glands, "rejuvenating" action on an organism of the person of an extract from seed plants animal.
  • BROH (Broch) Hermann (1886-1951), the Austrian writer. In novels "Lunatics" (1931-32), " Mors Vergilija " (1945), the anti-fascist novel "Adversary" (1953) has shown devaluation of traditional values in the modern world.
  • BROSHKEVICH (Broszkiewicz) Hedgehogs (r. 1922), the Polish writer, the playwright. Roman about F.Shopene " the Mode of love " (1950), dilogija " Ten precepts " (1970-71), the psychologic novel "Doctor Tvardovsky" (1977-79); plays of a morally - philosophical problematics.
  • BROOCH (frants. broche), a dressing with a fastener for prikalyvanija it to a coat frock for a neck, on a breast or on a collar.
  • The BOOKLET (frants. brochure), printed publicity material of small volume (in international practice from 5 up to 48 pages).
  • STITCHING PROCESSES (broshjurovka) (from frants. brocher - to crosslink, clamp), machining of stamped leafs at manufacturing booklets, log-books, books. The main operations: razrezka and a fillister of leafs, apposition of secondary members (case histories, fly-leafs, etc.), acquisition of writing-books in the unit and their binding.
  • BRUGMAN (Brugmann) Charles (1849-1919), german jazykoved, foreign corresponding member Petersburg AN (1893). One of founders mladogrammatizma. Transactionses on comparative grammar indoevropejskih tongues.
  • BROODER (English brooder, from brood - to sit on eggs), the device for a heating of young plants of an agricultural bird in the first weeks of life. A roof hood of the pyramid-shaped form inside which the defroster is built.
  • BRUEVICH Nikolay Grigorjevich (1896-1987), the Russian scientist, academician AN the USSR (1942), the general - lieutenant of an engineering - air service (1944). One of creators of the theory of accuracy and reliability of machines and devices.
  • BROOK (Brooke) Alan Frensis (1883-1963), the British field marshal (1944). In 2-¯ world war the commander of the English body in France, in 1940-41 parent states commanding by a troops, in 1941-46 chief of an imperial General Staff.
  • BROOK (Broek Van den) Antonius van den (1870-1926), the Netherlands lawyer (the doctor of the right, 1895) and physics. Up to 1903 was engaged in legal practice, then his interests have transferred in range of natural sciences. The main transactionses are connected to study of a structure of an atomic kernel, isotopism. In 1913 has made a hypothesis, according to which nuclear charge of atom numerically is peer to a serial number of the conforming element a periodic system.
  • BROOK Isaak Semenovich (1902-74), the Russian scientist, corresponding member AN the USSR (1939). The main transactionses on electrical power systems, a computer.
  • BROOKITE, mineral of subclass of simple oxides, one of 3 natural polymorphic updatings TiO2.
  • BRUKNER (Brookner) Anita (r. 1928), the English writer. Psychologic novels "Hotel" For lake " (1984, premium Bukera), "Mismarriage" (1986), " Serotinal stay " (1988), etc.
  • BRUKNER (Bruckner) Anton (1824-96), the Austrian composer, the organist, the teacher. One of the largest symphonists 2-nd floor. 19 century of 11 concordances, 4 masses, the Requiem mass (1849). A magnificat (1852), songs, etc.
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