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  • LIELPETERIS JAnis (r. 1931), Latvian physics, the academician (1987) and the president (with 1989) Latvian AN. Transactionses on hydromagnetics.
  • LIELUPE (Lielupe), the river in Latvia. 119 kms, the area of basin of 17,6 thousand êì2. Runs into the Riga hall. (one water hose to Daugava). It is navigable. On Lielupe - Yelgava. In a lower reaches, between Lielupe and a shore Riga a hall., - city - health resort JUrmala.
  • LIEPA Maris-Rudolf Eduardovich (1936-89), the Russian ballet dancer, the national actor of the USSR (1976). In 1960-84 at Major theatre. Among consignments - Krass ("Spartak" A.I.Hachaturjana). The lenin premium (1970).
  • LIEPAJA (up to 1917 official title Libava), in Latvia. An ice-free port on Baltic m. A railway junction. 114 thousand inhabitants (1992). Base of a fishing fleet. Metallurgical, machine-building, alimentary, mild, a woodworking industry. Pedagogical institute. 2 theatres. Historical and art museums. Bayshore balneogrjazevoj and a climatic health resort. It is known with 1253, with 1625. Church Trisvienibas (18 century); the dwelling, in which in 1697 cable cores Peter I.
  • LIEPINSH Hary (r. 1927), the Latvian actor, the national actor of the USSR (1988). With 1947 at the Latvian Art theatre him. J.Rajnisa (about 1989 theatre Dajles).
  • LIETUONIS, in the Latvian mythology malicious spirit, nasylajushchy nightmares.
  • LIZ...... LIZ (from grech. lysis - decomposition, dissolution, disintegration), the part of the composite words meaning: relating dissolution, decomposition of substance (napr., a hydrolysis).
  • LIZGOLD (English leasehold), the form of the land lease in medieval England. Large lizgold it was advanced in the farmer lease, small-sized (country) - has become one of the first objects of palings.
  • LIZDEJKA (Lizdejko), in the Lithuanian mythology the sacrificer, the saver of the hieratic tradition which have been brought up by prince Gediminom, the founder of Vilnius.
  • The LYSERGIC ACID, organic acid of a complex structure, contains the rest of an indol. Is part of alkaloids of an ergot. Diethyl amide of a lysergic acid - LSD - a hallucinogen.
  • LYSINE, CH2 (NH2) (CH2) 3CH (NH2) COOH, an aliphatic amino asid with the expressed properties of the grounding. Is part some proteins. An essential amino asid. A synthetic lysine apply to enrichment of forages and foodstuffs.
  • LEASING (English leasing), the long-term lease of machines, and the equipment, vehicles, structures of industrial destination, etc. It was widely distributed in connection with necessity of obtaining by consumers of expensive technique and its introduction without large investments. In contracts on leasing engineering service of delivered technique, education of staff, etc. can be stipulated. In the contract regulations about the right are possible (or responsibilities) the leaser to purchase the goods at the expiration of term of lease. The basis season during which the parties have no the right is routinely established to abrogate a treaty L.
  • LYSIS (from grech. lysis - decomposition, disintegration), the gradual sanction of disease: sluggish kickdown of a heat of a body and an extinction of other symptoms. Compare. Crisis.
  • LYSIS, dissolution, destruction of cells, including microorganisms, under influence of different agents, napr., ferments, bacteriolysins, bacteriophages, antibiotics.
  • LYSOGENY (from liz... And grech.-geneia - an origin, building), peculiar symbiosis of bacteria with some bacteriophages present in a cell by the way by the person, the zymotic form - a prophase. A lysogeny - a convenient model for study of many problems of variability and a heredity of bacteria.
  • LIZOGUB Dmitry Andreevich (1849-79), the revolutionary populist. The member a mug "chajkovtsev", the participant " boatings in people ", one of organizers " the Earth and will ", the adherent of terrorist methods of controlling. In 1879 it is sentenced to the execution. It is hung up in Odessa.
  • LYSOSOMES (from liz... And grech. soma - a body), the cellular structures keeping ferments, capable to disjoin (to lyse) proteins, nucleic acids, polysaccharides. Participate in intracellular digestion of the substances acting at a cell by an englobement and pinotsitoza.
  • LYSOZYME, ferment of a class of the hydrolases, blasting environments of bacterial cells. In an organism of the person and animal creates an antibacterial barrier in points of contact with an environment (eyes, a nasopharynx, etc.).
  • LIIVIMAA (Liivimaa), the Estonian title of Livonia in 13-16 centuries and Lifljandii (Vidzeme) in 17 - nach. 20 centuries.
  • LIJV (Liiv) JUhan (1864-1913), the Estonian writer. Life of the Estonian village is figured in the collection " Ten stories " (1893), stories " the Daughter of the sorcerer " (1895). The collection of lyrics of "Poem" (1909), miniatures " From depths of life " (1909-10).
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