Friday, May 18, 2007

  • WEST WIND, one of the largest (a diameter of 555 kms) planetoids (¹ 4), is open by V.Olbersom (Germany, 1807). The distance West winds from the Sun variates from 2,2 up to 2,6 and. e.
  • VESTALKI, in Other. Rome priestesses of the goddess the West winds supporting in a temple of the goddess sacred fire. Were elected from girls of notable families, should minister to the goddess 30 flying, respecting a vow of chasity. Vestalok, breaking a vow, alive instilled in ground.
  • VESTVERK (a nem. Westwerk), in karolingskih and Romanesque tserkvah (especially in Germany) cross construction in a western part of the building (with 2-3 towers discovered in a nave by passageways and chapels on choruses).
  • VESTGOTY (vizigoty), the German nation, a western branch it is ready. In nach. 5 century have intruded Italy; in 410 have plundered Rome. In 418 have based in JUzh. Gallia rannefeodalnoe the Toulouse kingdom (from Gallia in nach. 6 century are extruded by francs). In 5 century have trapped large part Pirenejskogo p-ova; their state is conquered by arabs in nach. 8 Century.
  • " VESTDOJCHE LANDESBANK GIROTSENTRALE " (Westdeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale), a central bank of federal ground Boreal Rhine - Vestfalija, Germany. It is based in 1969 as a result of interflow " Rajnishe girotsentrale und vekselbank " (Dusseldorf) and " Landesbank fjur Vestfalen girotsentrale " (Munster). Board in Dusseldorf. Executes commercial operations, including with valuable papers. 4 branches in country, 4 abroad. Affiliated establishments, branches and representations in 12 countries (including in Moscow). Total assets 132,6 billion German marks (41,7 billion dol. The USA) (kon. 1980th).
  • WESTERN (from English western - western), the genre of the American kino which was become popular also outside the USA. The scene of a western is scooped, as a rule, from a history of assimilation of the long-distance West. The term "western" is used also with reference to the American literature of an adventure genre with analogous scenes.
  • VESTEROLEN (Vesteraalen), islands bliz a northwest shore Scandinavian p-ova, in structure of Norway. The area of 3,6 thousand êì2. The main islands: Hinne, Lang, Anna, Hadsele. An altitude up to 1266 m. Fiords, peat bogs, meadows. Port Harstad. Fishery.
  • VESTEROS, city and a port in Sweden, on an eskar. Melaren, an administrative centre lena Vestmanland. 121 thousand inhabitants (1993). Electrical industry, nonferrous machine industry.
  • VESTERPLATTE (Westerplatte), peninsula in the Gdansk bay, for an orifice in a port. In nach. 2-nd world war Polish garrison Vesterplatte (182 persons) 1-7.9.1939 gerojski combated to superior forces of a fascist troops and fleets. In 1966 on Vesterplatte the monument to heroes Vesterplatte is established.
  • VESTIBULAR DISTRESSES, vertigo, unbalance, nausea, etc. at an irritation and diseases of a vestibular apparatus.
  • VESTIBULAR APPARATUS (from an armour. vestibulum - a vestibule), a sense body for vertebrates and the person, accepting repositionings of a head and a body in the space, and also a driving direction. It is located in semicircular channels and saccules of an internal ear.
  • VESTINGAUZ (Westinghouse) George (1846-1914), the American inventor and the industrialist. In 1869 has taken out a patent on an air-operated railway brake.
  • " VESTINGAUZ the ELECTRICIAN " (Westinghouse Electric), the electrotechnical company the USA. It is based in 1886. Issues an electrical equipment, has a wireless and television broadcasting stations. Sales volume 12,5 billion dol., a net profit 822 million dol., figure occupied in 120 thousand person (kon. 1980th).
  • WEST INDIES (English West Indies, characters. - Zap. India), non-proprietary name of islands Atlantic ok. Between mainlands the Sowing. And JUzh. America. Actuates islands: Bahama, B.Antilskie, M.Antilskie, etc. The Large part of islands is open during H.Columbus (1492-1502) inaccurately accepting them for a part of India floats. As against India (East Indies) these islands become to call as West Indies later. A gross area of islands ok. 240 thousand êì2. The population 35 million person (1993). On islands the states are located: Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Haiti, Grenada, Dominica, Dominican republic, Cuba, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sent-Keats and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, possessions of the Great Britain, Netherlands, France and the USA.
  • WEST WIND - INDSKAJA the COMPANY Netherlands, a commercial firm in 1621-1791. Has received from the Netherlands General staffs the sole right of trade and colonization in America and Zap. To Africa. Has trapped a part of terrain of Brazil, a number of islands of West Indies, a part of eastern shore the Sowing. America (it is based. It is new. Amsterdam). A large part of possessions has lost already in 2-nd floor. 17 century.
  • WEST WIND - INDSKAJA the FEDERATION, existed in 1958-62; it has been built by the Great Britain in structure of its island possessions in the Caribbean m. (Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Antigua, Montserrat, Sent-Keats - Nevis - Anguilla, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent).
  • WEST WIND - INDSKOE the PEST (the American Mediterranean sea), non-proprietary name of the Caribbean m. and Mexican a hall.
  • WESTMINSTER (Westminster), administrative division and one of historical areas B.Londona (Great Britain). 176 thousand inhabitants (1986). A site of a royal residence, parliament, etc. government offices. Bekingemsky a palace (19-20 centuries) - a residence of the English kings. The westminster abbey (13-19 centuries) - a tomb of the English kings, the statesmen, well-known people (I.Njutona, C.Darvina, C.Dickens, etc.).
  • VESTMINSTERSKY the STATUS 1931, is adopted by the English parliament. Has officially consolidated the solution of Imperial conference 1926 about independence of dominions in internal and foreign affairs, their equality with the parent state. In practice the Great Britain saved the supervisory control above foreign policy of dominions, reduced in accordance with their development and strengthening of their independence.

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