Tuesday, July 3, 2007

  • GABJAUJA (Gabjauis), in the Lithuanian mythology the godhood of a crop of small crops, oofs and happiness.
  • HAWAII (Hawaii), an island in Quiet ok., largest of the Hawaiian islands. 10,4 thousand êì2. It is derivated by tops of 5 burning mountains (Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Kilauea, Hualalai, Kohala). Main city - it is sickly. Vulkanologicheskaja an observatory.
  • HAWAII, staff the USA, on the Hawaiian islands. 16,7 thousand êì2. The population of 1172 thousand person (1993). Adm. ts. - Honolulu. Before arrival of Europeans and down to midpoint of 19 century were steered by an aboriginal royal dynasty. In 1893 the USA are annexed, in 1959 the USA become 50-th staff.
  • HAWAIIAN 1941 OPERATION, see. Pearl Harbour.
  • The HAWAIIAN ISLANDS (Hawaiian Islands) (islands Sandvichevy), archipelago in Quiet ok. 24 islands (Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Oahu, etc.) - tops of a submerged volcanic crops. An altitude up to 4205 m. Active volcanoes - Mauna Loa and Kilauea. The wet tropical forests, savannahs. A recreation area and tourism; climatic health resorts.
  • The HAWAIIAN FLORISTS, a set of birds of order sparrow. Length of 11-21 sm, 22 kinds{views}, on the Hawaiian islands. Some kinds{views} eat a nectar. Many views on of an edge of petering.
  • The HAWAIIAN ANTICYCLONE (Severo-pacific anticyclone), stationary value range of a heightened atmospheric pressure in subtropical and tropical latitudes of boreal part Quiet ok.
  • The HAWAIIAN TONGUE, falls into to the Polynesian tongues which are included in avstronezijskuju family. Writing on the basis of the latin alphabet.
  • HAWAIIANS, people, an aboriginal population of the Hawaiian islands (USA). 170 thousand person (1992). Tongue Hawaiian. Believers - protesters and roman catholics.
  • The HAVANA UNIVERSITY, Cuba, is based in 1728; it is reorganized in 1960. In 1990 ok. 16 thousand students.
  • HAVEN (from niderl. haven), the coastal part of the water space for parking, repair and winterings of courts is naturally or artificially protecting from a wind, waves and flows. The part of a dock space for manufacture of cargo-passenger operations calls as haven also.
  • GAVAR, gazoneftjanoe a deposit in Saudi Arabia (the oil-and-gas-bearing basin enters in Persian gulf). It is open{discovered} in 1948. Deposits on depth of 1,5-3 kms. Beginning inventories of petroleum 10,14 billion t, gas 1,01 billion in m3. Firmness of petroleum of 0,85 g / sm3, content S of 1,66 %.
  • GAVARNI (Gavarnie), a cataract in verhovjah r. Gav-de-Po, on boreal downslopes Pireneev, in France. An altitude of a cataract of 422 m; it is overthrown from downslopes of the glacial circus largest in Europe. Tourism.
  • GAVARNI (Gavarni) Pol (an ice-film. A name and fam. Sjulpis Guillaume Shevalje, Chevalier) (1804-1866), the French schedule{chart}. Alive, indicative, often full humour of a lithograph, drawings, water colours on themes from life of the bourgeois, poor, bohemia.
  • GAVAS (Havas), French information agency in 1835-1940. In 1944 on his{its} base it is based France press.
  • GAVATSTSI (Gavazzi) Alessandro (1809-89), the italian priest, with 1859 spodvizhnik Dzhuzeppe Garibaldi in his{its} military marchings.
  • GAVGAMELY (sovr. Tel-Gomel), ancient settlement in Mesopotamia, in area of the modern cities Erbil (Iraq); at Gavgamelah on October, 1 331 up to n. e. A troops Alexander the Great have finally routed the persian army of tsar Darija III Kodomana.
  • GAVEDDAJ (Gavdelas) Persian (mind{wit}. In it is grey. 4 century), the Christian martyr, the son of tsar Shapura of II Persian. Memory{remembrance} in the Orthodox church on September, 29 (on October, 12).
  • GAVEL (Havel) Vaclav (r. 1936), the president of Czechia with 1993; the president of Czechoslovakia in 1989-92; the Czech playwright. In the season{term} of " the Prague spring " 1968 chairman of " Club of independent writers ". Later one of leaders pravozashchitnogo motions in country. Repeatedly exposed to imprisonment. With 1989 leader of motion " the Civil forum ". Satirical plays spirit of nonsense of a drama about the modern Czechoslovak real, including " the Park celebration " (it is put 1963, is published 1964), "Notice" (is put 1965), "Audience" (is put on a wireless, 1975), "Tempting" (1985), "Assonans" (1987).
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