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  • WEATHERING of the DEPOSIT, the deposits of the mineral wealths which have arisen over bark of a weathering at decomposition of rocks for a surface of the Earth under influence of water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and also organic and mineral acids. Among a weathering of deposits distinguish infiltratsionnye deposits and residual deposits. To a weathering to deposits some deposits of ores Fe, Mn, S, Ni, bauxites, a caolin, an apatite, barite concern.
  • DISLOCATION, nonperishable offset of the articulate cleaning cloth of bones for limits of their normal motility, sometimes with a breakage of an articulate ascus and svjazok and an output of the articulate extremity of one of bones from an ascus (at traumas, diseases of joints).
  • BREEDING, transition from parcels{sendings} to inquests (conclusions) on regulations of logic (see also Deduction).
  • PROLIFEROUS KIDNEYS, organs some paporotnikovidnyh and seed plants; will be derivated often on leaves (napr., for briofilljuma); are sometimes modified in cloves (for a toothwort and some lilies - in axils of leaves). Are capable to be abjointed from a parent organism and, sprouting to give new plants.
  • PROLIFEROUS BIRDS, group of birds, which nestlings at once after a hatching from eggs are capable to travel self-contained and even to search I peep, napr., a filling, cranes. Compare. Ptentsovye birds.
  • LEAD-OUT MARTEN, " a marten wedding ", in Russia 15-16 centuries the wedding duty for the benefit of the state or the feudal lord from relatives of the bride giving in marriage in other principality, volost, city, abroad. Later a lead-out marten called as "breeding", his{its} dimension was determined by the agreement of the parties (it is cancelled for state krestjanok in 1775, for privately owned - after reform 1861).
  • FLIGHT OF CAPITAL, export of capital, implements private concerns and the state. The capital is taken out in two ground forms: the enterprise capital (an investment in an industry, an agriculture, trade, etc.) and the loan capital (by the way loans). Originally the capital from developed capitalist countries was removed in economically backward countries, colonys and semi-colonial territories. After 2-nd world war characteristic the phenomena the relative{mutual} flood of capitals from one developed capitalist countries in other has become; the considerable role has become to play flight of capital in the form of state loans and credits of international financial organizations.
  • EXPORT COUNTRY (a breeding country), in Russia 15-16 centuries withdrawal by the feudal lord of peasants from the former master (under the arrangement with them or violently). With introduction reserved a flying alongside with an output country export country has been subjected to the interdiction. The cathedral establishment 1649 has placed{installed} irredeemable investigation on affairs about export country.
  • VYG, the river in Karelia. Up to a lockin in Vygozero has the title Upper Vyg (135 kms), after escaping him{it} - Lower Vyg (102 kms). The m runs in White. Average discharge of water 267 m3 / with. Lower Vyg logins the Belomorsko-Baltic channel; a coordinated hydroelectric system.
  • VYGODOVSKY (an ice-film. fam. Duntsov) Paul Fomich (1802-81), the decembrist, the bureaucrat, from peasants. The member of the Society of coherent slavs. It is convicted on 2 years of penal servitude. For antigovernment and antireligious compositions in 1855-71 in the reference in Viljujske.
  • VYGOZERO (water reservoir Vygozerskoe), in Karelia. The area 1159 êì2. Depth up to 18 m. On Vygozere - Segezha. Logins the Belomorsko-Baltic channel.
  • PASTURE, plot with a pasture for a grazing of cattle.
  • VYGONKA plants, obtaining of vegetables (potherb of a parsley, a celery, a green onions), colours (a rose - tree, a lilac, a pink, a tulip), berries (wild strawberry, a grape) in nonseasonal time for them, napr., in the winter. Carry out{conduct} in hothouses, greenhouses, cellars.
  • DEFLAGRATION (deflagration), transition of a knocking of a blasting explosive in burning; in collieries can call a fire-damp explosion, etc.
  • VYGOTSKY Lion Semenovich (1896-1934), the Russian psychologist. Has developed the cultural - historical theory which has laid foundation to school in the modern psychology. Transactionses on development of the maximum mental functions, intellection and speeches, psychologies of art.
  • EXTRADITION OF CRIMINALS (ex-tradition), in the international law drive to the state of the face making a criminal or international crime, for his{its} engaging to the criminal liability or performances{fulfillments} borne concerning him{it} a judgement. Conditions and the order of extradition of criminals are regulated by the international treaty and the national legislation.
  • EXPULSION, dispatch of aliens from country. Implements by the way the simple instruction to abandon country in fixed time or under compulsion.
  • SECRETION (excretion), in physiology - discharging of an organism of end - products of an exchange, stranger substances and excess of water, salts and the organic compounds proceeding with nutrition or derivated in an organism. For the person and animal secretion implements primarily through kidneys, and also lungs (or gills), a digestive tract, a leather. For plants metabolic products (water, carbon dioxide, salt, Saccharum, mucilage, essential oils, etc.) are secreted with roots, specialized zhelezkami flowers, leaves, stalks or all surface.
  • SECRETORY SYSTEM (excretory system), set{combination} of organs for animal and the person, executing secretion. Special organs of secretory system for many Invertebrata - protonefridii, metanephridiums, etc.; for vertebrates - kidneys.
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