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  • 2. The arbitration court gives the writ of execution on return of the collected money resources, property or his{its} cost under the application of organization, the citizen. To the application the document verifying performance{fulfillment} before adopted judicial akta.------Section V is applied. Manufacture on affairs including foreign faces------Article 210. Procedural rights of foreign faces------1. Foreign organizations, international organizations and foreign subjects executing enterprise activity, stateless persons (further - foreign faces) have the right to revert in arbitration courts in the Russian Federation for protection of the disturbed or challenged rights and legal interesov.------2. Foreign faces use procedural rights and execute{design} remedial responsibilities level with organizations and citizens Russian Federatsii.------3. By government of the Russian Federation mating limitations can be established{installed} concerning foreign faces of those states in which courts special limitations of procedural rights of organizations and citizens Russian Federatsii.------Article 211 are supposed. Legal proceedings on affairs including foreign faces------Legal proceedings in arbitration courts on affairs in which foreign faces participate, implements according to the present Code and others federal zakonami.------Article 212. Competence of arbitration courts of the Russian Federation on affairs including foreign faces------1. Arbitration courts in the Russian Federation consider affairs including foreign faces if the transponder is, and the citizen occurs habitations in terrain Russian Federatsii.------2. Arbitration courts in Russian Federatsii have the right also to consider affairs including foreign лиц:.. 1) if the branch or representation of a foreign face is in terrain of the Russian Federation;.. 2) if the transponder has property in terrain of the Russian Federation;.. 3) if the claim escapes from the agreement on which performance{fulfillment} should occur or occured in terrain of the Russian Federation;.. 4) if on business about indemnification of the harm caused to property, action or other circumstance serving with the grounding for presentation of a request about indemnification of harm, occured in terrain of the Russian Federation;.. 5) if the claim escapes from the unjust enrichment having a place in terrain of the Russian Federation;.. 6) if on business about protection of honour, dignity and business reputation the claimant is in the Russian Federation;.. 7) if there is an agreement on it between organization or the citizen of the Russian Federation and foreign litsom.------3. Affairs, the bound with confession of the property right to buildings, structures, the ground areas, withdrawal of buildings, structures, the ground areas from another's pirate possession, with elimination of violations of rights of the proprietor or a rightful owner if it irrelevants with dispossession, are considered on location of the building, a structure, land uchastka.------4. Affairs under claims to the carriers escaping from the contract of carriage including when the carrier is one of transponders, are considered on location of an organ transporta.------5. The business adopted by arbitration court to consideration with observance{holding} of regulations, foreseen the true article, is authorized to them in essence, even during manufacture in connection with change of location of the faces participating in business, or other circumstances it has become is within the jurisdiction to court other gosudarstva.------Article 213. The legal immunity------1. Presentation in arbitration court of the claim to a foreign state, engaging of it{him} in the capacity of the third person to a concern in the business, seizure on the property inhereing to a foreign state and located in terrain of the Russian Federation, and acceptance in relation to it{him} of other measures under the security for cost, the circulation of penalty on this property by way of enforcement of the award are supposed only with the consent of competent authorities of the conforming state if other is not stipulated by federal acts or international treaties Russian Federatsii.------2. The legal immunity of international organizations is determined by federal acts and international treaties Russian Federatsii.------Article 214. Remedial consequences of consideration by court of a foreign state of an affair on spore between the same faces, about the same subject and on the same groundings------the Arbitration court abandons the claim without consideration or terminates manufacture on business if a competent court of the foreign state, accepting put to consideration before suing in arbitration court in the Russian Federation, considers business on spore between the same faces, on the same subject and on the same groundings or has made on this business the solution which has entered in legal silu.------Such consequences do not occur, if the future or adopted by court of a foreign state the solution is not subject to confession or performance{fulfillment} on terrains of the Russian Federation or the conforming business Article 215 falls into exclusive competence of arbitration court in Russian Federatsii.------. Rogatory letters------1. The arbitration court executes transferred{handed} to him in the order, content federal acts or international treaties of the Russian Federation, the assignment{order} of courts of foreign states about fulfilment of separate proceedings (delivery of services of summons and other documents, obtaining of written evidences, expert investigation, in-situ inspection and other).------2. The assignment{order} is not subject исполнению:.. 1) if performance{fulfillment} of the assignment{order} contradicts the sovereignty of the Russian Federation or endangers security the Russian Federation;.. 2) if performance{fulfillment} of the assignment{order} is not included into competence arbitration suda.------3. Performance{fulfillment} by arbitration court of assignments{orders} about fulfilment of separate proceedings is effected in the order, content by the present Code if other is not established{installed} by international treaties Russian Federatsii.------4. Arbitration courts can revert when due hereunder to courts of foreign states with assignments{orders} about fulfilment separate remedial dejstvij.------the President of the Russian Federation------B.ELTSIN Moscow, the Kremlin. On May, 5 1995 years. № 70-ФЗ
  • ARBITRATION COURT.. 1) in the Russian Federation an organ executing the sanction of chaffers originating during enterprise activity, escaping from civil matters (economic spores) or from legal relations in an orb of steering. The law on arbitration court is adopted on July, 4 1991. See also the Maximum arbitration court... 2) Permanent public organization at Chamber of commerce and industry of the Russian Federation for the resolution of disputes which escape from contractual and civil-law attitudes{relations} at implementation external economic and scientific and technical links.
  • ARBOVIRUSES (in abbreviated form from English arthropod borne viruses), group of the RNK-KEEPING viruses born by blood-sucking arthropods (mites, mosquitoes) and triggering arbovirusnye diseases (napr., a hemorrhagic fever, a yellow fever).
  • WOOD CONCRETE (from an armour. arbor - a tree and grech. lithos - a stone), a version of a lightweight-aggregate concrete. It is produced from a mix of organic fillers (ground industrial wood residue, a common reed, etc.) and mineral binding (routinely portland cement). Stenovoj a material of low-rise buildings.
  • ARBORETUM, the same, that an arboretum.
  • ARBORICIDES (from an armour. arbor - a tree and caedo - I kill), chemical drugs for destruction of undesirable mallee vegetation, napr. A bush on a pasture; fall into to herbicides.
  • ARBUDA, vedijskoe the demonic godhood presented by the way of the snake; opponent Indry.
  • WATERMELON, stem one and perennial plants of a set of a gourd family, a vine crop. 3-5 kinds{views}, in the south of Europe, in Africa, Asia, Australia. Dining rooms of the form of a watermelon edible (in fruits of Saccharum,) cultivate redoxon, pectins on all continents. Productivity 150-300 ts with 1 ga.
  • WATERMELONS Alexander Erminingeldovich (1877-1968), Russian chemists - organics, the founder of scientific school fosfororganikov, academician AN the USSR (1942), the Hero Socialist Transactionses (1957). Probes also on dynamic isomerism, a chemical technology, a history of a domestic organic chemistry. The state premium of the USSR (1943, 1947).
  • WATERMELONS Alexey Nikolaevich (1908-86), the Russian playwright. In plays "Tanja" (1938), " Years of journeys " (1954), " the Irkutsk history " (1959), " the Old-fashioned comedy " (1975), " Severe games " (1978), "Winner" (1983) hoisted the important morally - ethical problems. The state premium of the USSR (1980).
  • WATERMELONS Anton Petrovich (1797 or 1798-1843), the decembrist, the lieutenant. The member of Boreal society. The participant of revolt on December, 14 1825. It is sentenced to transportation for life. With 1827 in Nerchinskih mines, with 1839 on a settlement in Yenisei lips.
  • WATERMELONS Boris Aleksandrovich (1903-91), Russian chemists - organics, academician AN the USSR (1953), the Hero Socialist Transactionses (1969). Son A.E.Arbuzova. Transactionses on chemistry of terpenes also it is diene, to synthesis and stereochemistry fosfororganicheskih connections. The lenin premium (1978), the State premium of the USSR (1951).
  • ARVAD, ancient the city - state in the Sowing. Phoenicia. For the first time it is mentioned in egyptian sources nach. 15 century up to n. e. In 8 century up to n. e. It is subordinate by Assyria, then Babylonia. In ellinistichesko-Roman time had self-management.

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