Sunday, April 8, 2007

The first portion of termins

А.., a prefix (grech). In value "not", "without" (napr., asymmetric); before vocal - an... (napr., anaerobes).
And the CHAPEL (ital. And cappella), choral mnogogolosnoe singing without tool{instrument} tracking. Typically for national musical art (Russian, Georgian), church music (early roman catholic and orthodox), products{creations} of composers of the Netherlands school, creativity Palestriny. Among the modern compositions and a chapel of 10 poems of D.D.Shostakovich.
AAV (Aav) Evald (1900-39), the Estonian composer and the choral conductor. The writer of first considerable Estonian opera " Викерцы " ("Vikings", 1928), a symphonic poem "Life" (1935), etc.
AALTO (Aalto) Alvar (1898-1976), the Finnish architect. Combining national traditions with principles funktsionalizma and the organic architecture, reached freedom and expressiveness of the volumetric - regional composition entered in natural or a urban environment (sanatorium in Pajmio, 1929-33; a palace "Finland" in Helsinki, 1967-71).
AALTONEN (Aaltonen) Vjajne (1894-1966), the Finnish sculptor, the honorary member AH the USSR (1958) .Portrety ("Sibelius", 1935), statues ("Chaser Nurmi", 1924-25), a monument (a monument "World" in Lahti, 1950-52). A golden medal of the World (1953).
AARE (Ape) (Aare), the river in Switzerland, left-handed in-leak{influx} Рейна.295 km, the area of basin of 17,8 thousand км2. Average discharge of water 560 m2 / with. The beginning in the Alpes. It is navigable up to Tunskogo an eskar. A river plant. To Aare - Bern.
AARNE (Aarne) Antti Amatus (1867-1925), the Finnish specialist in folklore. Has developed a methodology of the comparative analysis and grading of products{creations} of folklore. Has constituted fundamental " the Index{Indicator} of fantastic phylums " (1910; it is prolonged and supplemented by S.Thompson).
AARON, the first antiquated high priest, the brother of the prophet of Moseses. Outcome is told about Aaron, Leviticus and Figures in books. Memory{remembrance} in the Orthodox church in a week sacred father and the forefather.
AARONOVSHCHINA, in staroobrjadchestve the consent separated in 2-nd floor 18 of century from filippovtsev, as against them admitted spoilage and rejecting marginal asceticism. The founder - Andrey (Aaron) of Bugs.
AAH (JAh) (dr .-егип. month, the moon), in egyptian mythology the godhood of the moon, was honored in Thebes.
AAJUN, city in Zap. To Sahara, see. El Aaiun.
ABA (Aba), city in the south of Nigeria, on r. Aba. 264 thousand inhabitants (1991) .Pishchevkusovaja, a textile industry.
ABADAN, city on a southwest of Iran, a port on r. Шаттэль-Араб.340 one thousand inhabitants (1983). An international airport. Oil refining and a petrochemical industry; an oil pipeline from Khuzistan.
ABAZE, city (with 1966) in the Russian Federation, Khakassia, on r. Abakan. A depot. 18 thousand inhabitants (1992). Production of iron oxide.
ABAZE Alexander Ageevich (1821-95), the Russian statesman, bordered on to group " liberal bureaucrats " .V 1880-81 Minister of Finance, has conducted cancellation of the salt excise. With 1866 member of the Council of state.
ABASIN TONGUE, falls into to the Caucasian (iberijsko-Caucasian) tongues (abhazsko-adygskaja group) .Pismennost on the basis of the Russian alphabet.

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