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  • ANTIQUE STIHOSLOZHENIE, see. Metrical stihoslozhenie.
  • ANTIQUITY (from an armour. antiquus - ancient), in the broad sense of the word the term equivalent Russian "antiquity", in fine-bored and more common value - a greko-Roman antiquity (a history and crop Other. Greeces, etc. Rome).
  • ANTIQUE CITIES in Black Sea Coast; have arisen during the Grecian colonization since 6 century up to n. e. The largest antique cities: in a north - the Shooting gallery, Olvija, Chersonese, Feodosiya, Panticapaeum, Fanagorija, Tanais; on Caucasian a shore - Gorgippija, Dioskuriada, Fasis. Did business cities Other. Greeces and M.Azii, skiffs. In 5 century up to n. e. The part of cities was aggregated in the state Bosporskoe. Since 3 century up to n. e. Exposed to offences of skiffs, Sarmatians. In 2 century up to n. e. Under an authority of the state Pontijskogo, then Rome. After encroachment it is ready and gunnov (it is grey. 3 - kon. 4 centuries n. e.) came in decline.
  • ANTOKOLSKY Paul Grigorjevich (1896-1978), the Russian poet. Poems " the Commune 71 years " (1933), "Son" (1943; the State premium of the USSR, 1946), " In a narrow passage for Arbatom " (1954), collections of verses "Workshop" (1958), "Time" (1973), the book " About Pushkin " (1960; verses and an essay) differ tendency to historical and cultural generalizations. Transfers{translations}.
  • The ANTHOLOGY (grech. anthologia, characters. - collection of colours), the collection of selected products{creations} (literary, philosophical, the musical) miscellaneous writers.
  • ANTONELLO YES MESSINA (Antonello da Messina) (ok. 1430-79), the italian painter of Early Revitalization. In plastic clear, poetic patterns, distinguishing portraits used technique of lubricated painting, achieving a color depth, saturated light ("Crucifixion", 1477, " St. Sebastjan ", 1476).
  • ANTONESKU (Antonescu) Jon (1882-1946), the dictator of Romania in 1940-44, marshal (1941). The participant of depressing{supression} of Country revolt. 1907, interventions against the Hungarian Soviet republic 1919. Government Antonesku has cast into 1941 Romania in war against the USSR. In 1946 it is executed under the sentence of the tribunal.
  • ANTONIADI (Antoniadi) Ezhen Michel (1870-1944), the French astronomer. During great opposition of Mars (1909) has found, that dark strips on his{its} surfaces, "channels", are derivated separate spots and cannot be outcome of reasonable activity.
  • ANTHONY (in world Dobrynja JAdrejkovich) (mind{wit}. 1232), archbishop Novgorod, the writer " Books the Pilgrim " about traveling to sacred places.
  • ANTHONY Great (ok. 250-356), the founder of Christian monasticism, a hermit in Egypt. It is sainted by church.
  • ANTHONY Mark (Marcus Antonius) (ok. 83-30 up to n. e.), the Roman commander. Adherent Caesar. In 43 with Oktavianom and Lepidomas has formed 2-nd triumvirate, having divided troops Bruta and the Senna (42). In 42 has received in steering Oriental regions Roman the mandatory powers. It was pulled together to egyptian queen Kleopatroj. After the declaration a senate of war Kleopatre and defeats of egyptian fleet for headland of Shares (in 31) has committed suicide.
  • ANTHONY Nikopolsky (Armenian) (mind{wit}. ok. 319), one of a magpie of five Christian martyrs damaged in Nikopol Armenian in the persecution of emperor Litsinija. Memory{remembrance} in the Orthodox church on July, 10 (23).
  • ANTHONY PADUANSKY (1195-1231), a sacred Latin church, the outlet box - franciscan, the well-known ecclesiast. Memory{remembrance} in the Latin church on June, 13.
  • ANTHONY PECHERSKY (983-1073), the founder (1051) Kievo-Pecherskogo a monastery. In 1069 ran from anger Izjaslava JAroslavicha to Chernigov where has based a monastery. It is sainted by Russian orthodox church.
  • ANTONYMS (from anti... And grech. onyma - a name), words with a converse. Napr.: " the truth - lie ", " poor - affluent ".
  • ANTONIN Kesarijsky (Palestinian) (mind{wit}. 308), the presbyter, the martyr damaged in persecution of emperor Maksimiana Galerija. Memory{remembrance} in the Orthodox church on November, 13 (26).
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