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  • BARAN, city (with 1972) in Belarus, Vitebsk region, on r. Adrov, in 9 kms from zh.-d. An item. Orsha. 14,1 thousand inhabitants (1991).
  • BARATAEV Michael Petrovich (1784-1856), prince from stem Baratashvili, the Georgian historian. Main transactionses - " Numizmaticheskie the facts of the Georgian kingdom " (t. 1-2, 1844-45).
  • BARATASHVILI Nikoloz Melitonovich (1817-45), the Georgian poet - romantik. Problems of the Georgian history, belief in the future of people, psychologism and steep lyricism in a poem " Destiny of Georgia " (1839), verses "Merani", " the Tomb of tsar Iraklija " (both 1842). Has rendered the considerable influence on development of the Georgian poetry.
  • BARATYNSKY (Boratynsky) Eugeny Abramovich (1800-44), the Russian poet. Original development of genres elegii and messages ("Finland", "Razuverenie", "Confession", " Two lobes "); poems ("Eda", "Dancing party"), noted by lyricism, psychologic and philosophical depth. In the collection "Twilights" (1842) - the contravention of historical advance and the spiritually - aesthetic human nature, refracted through tragical consciousness of the poet.
  • BARBADOSTSY (the self-title - bedzhenz), people, the main{basic} population of Barbados (250 thousand person), primarily descendants of the slaves exported from Africa in 17 - nach. 19 centuries. An aggregate number of 350 thousand person (1992), including in the USA 35 thousand person, the Great Britain 35 thousand person, Canada 30 thousand person. Speak on a dialect of the English tongue. The majority of believers anglikane, is methodists, moravian brothers, roman catholics.
  • BARBERRY, stem of bushes of a set of a barberry family. Ok. 500 kinds{views}, primarily in Boreal hemisphere. The decorative, berrylike (fruits use in a food-processing industry as seasoning), dyeing and medicinal (apply at parent bleedings and as a cholagogue means) plants. Honey plants.
  • "BARBAROSSA" (Barbarossa), the code name of the plan of aggressive war of fascist Germany against the USSR. It is developed in 1940. Provided fulminant rout of the main{basic} forces of Red Army to the west of the rivers Dnepr and Zap. Dvina, and then an output on a line Arkhangelsk - Volga - Astrakhan. War was supposed to be scored within 2-3 months. Implementation of the plan " Barbarossa has been thwarted by heroic extirpation of peoples of the USSR.
  • BARBARUS É., see J.
  • BARBASHIN-SHUJSKY Vasily Ivanovich (? - ok. 1571), prince, voevoda in a marching to Astrakhan 1554 and in Livonskoj to war. In 1560 has routed konnitsu Livonskogo orders. Oprichnik.
  • BARBER (Barber) Semjuel (1910-81), the American composer. Operas " Âàíåññà " (1957), " Anthony and Kleopatra " (1966), ballet "Medea" (1946), orchestral, kamerno-tool{kamerno-instrument} compositions.
  • BARBERA (Barbera) Joseph (r .1911), the American film director - intensifier and the artist. In 1937-57 at studio " Underground Goldvin Mayer " (after to him it refused in-process at U.Disney studio). Together with U.Hanna " the Bear of Yoga ", "Flinstony" creates popular heroes of cartoon films of the cat of Thom and young mouse Dzherri, and then, in 1957, studio " Hanna-Barbera Prodakshnz " where popular multiplication serials "Family Dzhetsonov" have been removed{have been taken off}, etc.
  • BARBERINO (Barberino) Franchesko yes (1264-1348), italian kurtuaznyj the writer (see. Kurtuaznaja the literature). The writer of encyclopaedic tracts " About regulations of conduct and tempers the seigneur " and " Instructions of Love " (italian verses in tracking latin commenting prose; are issued in 1640).
  • BARBES (Barbes) Armand (1809-70), the French revolutionary. Together with L.O.Blanki participat in 30th in building secret republican societies.
  • BARBIZONSKAJA SCHOOL, group of the French painters - landscape writers (T.Russo, Z.Djupre, N.Diaz, S.F.Dobinji, K.Truajon), working in d. Barbizon (Barbizon) bliz Paris in 30-60-Ñ of 19 century. Have addressed to the direct plotting of a nature, light and air, have played the important role in development of a realistic landscape.
  • The BARBITURIC ACID, colourless crystals, tïë 248 °S (with decomposition). Derivative the barbituric acid - eurysynusic hypnagogues (barbituraty).
  • BARBOZA remote control BOKAZHE (Barboza do Bocage) Manuel Maria (1765-1805), the Portuguese poet. It was pursued{chased;run} by the state and church as the freethinker. The preromantic lyrics was included in the book of "Poem" (t. 1-3, 1791-1804).
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