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  • BHUDZHJU, the character vedijskoj and induistskoj the mythologies, cast-away and salvaged Ashvinami.
  • BHUTTO Benazir (r. 1953), the prime minister of Pakistan in 1988-90 and with 1993. The cochairman of the Pakistan people party with 1985. Daughter Z.Bhutto.
  • BHUTTO Zulfikar Ali-khan (1928-79), the chief of state and governments of Pakistan in 1971-73, the prime minister in 1973-77. In 1967 has based the Pakistan people party. In 1977 it arrested. It is executed by military authorities.
  • BHUTY, in induistskoj mythologies the spirits - oborotni living on cemeteries. Accompany SHivu.
  • BTSZH (BCG, abbr. from Bacille de Calmette et de Guerin, named the French scientists A.Kalmeta and K.Gerena offering a vaccine in 1921), a vaccine against a tuberculosis from alive loosened tubercular mycobacteria.
  • BYVALSHCHINA, in Russian national creativity the short oral story about as if incredible incidents having a place.
  • BYDGOSZCZ (Bydgoszcz), city in Poland, a port on r. Vistula, administrative centre Bydgoshchskogo voevodstva. 380 thousand inhabitants (1990). A machine industry, chemical, alimentary, a light industry. At home and church of 15-16 centuries. It is based in 1346.
  • BYZOV Alexey Leontjevich (r. 1926), the Russian physiologist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science (1991; corresponding member AN the USSR with 1981). Probes on neurophysiology of touchsensitive systems (primarily visual), activity of separate neurones.
  • BYZOV Boris Vasiljevich (1880-1934), the Russian chemist, one of creators of synthetic rubber. Transactionses on chemistry and rubber technologies and gums. Has developed (1913) way of obtaining of divinyl (butadien) a hydrolysis of an oilstock.
  • The BULL, a sampson of the bridge or a hydrotechnical construction (napr., dams, a water escape).
  • BULLS, a stem of cloven-hoofed animals of a set polorogih. Are close to water buffaloes. 5 kinds: a yak, gaur, banteng, kuprej and the virgin bull, or turkish - the grandparent of a large horned stock (in a feral kind it is exterminated in 17 century). Feral bulls are distributed in Europe, the Sowing. To Africa, Forward, Compare, JUzh. And Center. Asia. Tame. All bulls - in the Red Data Book of the International union of nature protection and natural resources.
  • BULLS Vasily Vladimirovich (r. 1924), the Byelorussian writer, the national writer Byelorussian SSR (1980), the Hero Socialist Transactionses (1984). In stories " the Third missile " (1962), " Dead it is not hurt " (1966), " Krugljansky the bridge " (1969), "Sotnikov" (1970), " To live till a dawn " (1973; the State premium of the USSR, 1974), " the Mark of a trouble " (1982; the Lenin premium, 1986), "Pit" (1986), " In a fog " (1987), "Icy cold" (1993) events of Great Domestic war, german occupation, guerilla motion in Belarus, anatomy of bravery and betraying, tragedijnost the personal destinies noted by a seal of a general national drama in a context of all Soviet history are exhibited.
  • BULLS Konstantin Mihajlovich (1886-1959), the Russian physiologist, academician AN the USSR (1946) and AMN (1944). Probes influence of a cerebral cortex on an internals. Transactionses on physiology of digestion, chemical drive of exaltation, an interoception. The state premium of the USSR (1946).
  • BULLS Oleg Nikolaevich (r. 1926), the Russian historian, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science (1991; corresponding member AN the USSR with 1987). The main transactionses under the theory and histories of international attitudes and to disarmament problems. The state premium of the USSR (1980).
  • BULLS Roland Anatoljevich (r. 1929), the actor, the producer, the national actor of the USSR (1990), the academician of the Russian Academy of education (1992). In 1951-58 actor Moscow TJUZa. In 1958-60 main producer of the Leningrad theatre him. Lenin Komsomol. Artistic range Bykova - from drama roles in films "Overcoat" (1960), "Commissioner" (1967, extension in 1988), " Check on roads " (1972, extension in 1986) up to tragicomic in film "Andrey Rublyov" (1967, extension in 1971), television film "is new" (1977, the producer) and satirical roles in film "Àéáîëèò-66" (1967, the producer). Contribution Bykova to development of nursery kino (films " Attention, a turtle is significant! ", 1970, " the Automobile, a violin and a dog the Blot ", 1975, "Scarecrow", 1984, etc.). The state premium of the USSR (1986).
  • BYKOVA Elizabeth Ivanovna (1913-89), Russian shahmatistka, the international grandmaster (1976), the deserved master of sport (1953). CHempionka the world (1953-56 and 1958-62), the USSR (1947-48, 1950).
  • BYKOVO, a urban settlement (with 1962) in the Russian Federation, the Moscow region, in 35 kms to a southeast from Moscow. A depot. 10,3 thousand inhabitants (1991). Bliz Bykovo - one of airports of Moscow.
  • BYKOVSKY Valery Fedorovich (r. 1934), an astronaut. A pilot - astronaut of the USSR (1963), doubly the Hero of Soviet Union (1963, 1976), the colonel, Cand.Tech.Sci. Flights on the "Orient - 5" (June 1963), "Soyuz - 22" (September 1976), "Soyuz - 31" and orbital station " Salute - 6 " (August - September 1978).
  • BYKOVSKY Konstantin Mihajlovich (1841-1906), the Russian architect. Son M.D.Bykovsky. Public structures in Moscow with rational grading and eclectic finish of fronts (the State Bank on street Neglinnoj, 1890-92).
  • BYKOVSKY Mihail Dorimedontovich (1801-85), the Russian architect. The founder of the Moscow architectonic society. Band of farm Marfino, near Moscow (1837-38) in style of a false gothic.
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