Tuesday, May 29, 2007

  • The BINOCULARS (frants. binocle, from an armour. bini - the fallow, two and oculus - an eye), an optical device for examining remote subjects by both eyes. Will consist of 2 peed sights connected in parallel. Gives 2-22-êðàòíîå increase.
  • BINOCULAR MAGNIFYING GLASS, the optical adaptation for examining it is simultaneous both eyes of small-sized objects. The elementary binocular magnifying glass - 2 lenss built in swage. Gives 2-4-êðàòíîå increase.
  • The STEREOSCOPIC RANGE FINDER, the same, that a stereoscopic range finder.
  • BINOMINAL (from bi... And an armour. nomen - a name), the same, that binomial expression. About a binominal of a kind{view} (x+y) n see in an item. The Newton a binominal.
  • BINOMIAL DISTRIBUTION (Bernoulli distribution), probability distribution of figure of occurrences{appearances} of some event at repeated independent tests if the probability of occurrence{appearance} of this event is peer each test p (0

  • BINOMIAL COEFFICIENT, quotient in an expansion formula of the Newton of a binominal.
  • BINOMIAL SERIES, the infinite ascending power series being generalization of the formula of the Newton of a binominal on an event of fractional and negative parameters.
  • BINSVANGER (Binswanger) Ludwig (1881-1966), the Swiss psychiatrist. Has opposed a psychoanalysis t. n. The existential analysis; criterion of mental health - continuity of the self-becoming, open{discovered} to the future.
  • BINFEJ, in the Chinese mythology a monster in appearance dvuhgolovogo a wild boar.
  • The BIOT - SAVARA the LAW, determines the magnetic density, created by a current flow; it is called named Z.B.Bio and F.Savara, unblocking it{him} in 1820.
  • BIOT... (from grech. bios - life), a part of the composite words, 1) meaning: relating life (napr., a biogenesis)... 2) Cîîòâåòñòâóþùàÿ on value to the word "biological" (napr., a biocatalysis).
  • BIOT (Biot) Jean Batist (1774-1862), French physics, the foreign honorary member Petersburg AN (1819). The main{basic} transactionses on study of polarization of light (the law called as his{its} name), a magnetic field of a current flow (t. n. The law of the Biot - Savara, 1820), soundmen.
  • BIOT the LAW: the angle of rotation of a polarization plane linearly polarized light is proportional to a bed depth of optically active substance which passes a light ray. Z.B.Bio in 1815 is established{installed}.
  • BIOACOUSTICS (from a biot... And soundman), studies notes (voices) animal, their acoustical dialogue and a space orientation with the help of an echo ranging.
  • BIO-BIOT, the river in Chile. 380 kms, the area of basin of 24 thousand êì2. Average discharge of water ok. 1000 m3 / with. It is navigable in the lower flow.
  • The BIOGAS, will be derivated as a result of methane fermentation of different organic waste materials of an agriculture, lesoobrabatyvajushchej and a food-processing industry, a municipal services, etc.; will consist of methane (30-75 %) and carbon dioxide. It is used as fuel.
  • BIOGENESIS (from a biot... And... A genesis), education of organic compounds by living organisms. In a broad sense the biogenesis - the empirical generalization stating, that all alive descends only from alive. In it is grey. 19 century contrasted a biogenesis to unscientific submissions about an autogeny of organisms (worms, flies, etc.). As a hypothesis about eternity of life the biogenesis is untenable. Compare. An abiogenes.
  • BIOGENETICAL LAW, generalization according to which the ontogeny individuals (ontogenesis) is as though brief repetition (recapitulation) of the major stages of evolution (phylogenesis) of group to which this individual concerns. F.Mjullerom (1864) is established{installed} and E.Gekkelem (1866) is formulated.
  • BIOGENIC ROCKS, the same, that organogenic rocks.
  • BIOGENIC STIMULATORS, biologically active agents; will be derivated in animal and vegetative organisms at influence on them of adverse conditions of medium (external and internal) and collect in isolated tissues. At introduction in an organism boost processes of vital activity, including regeneration and growth, than use, napr., at histic therapy.
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