Tuesday, May 15, 2007

  • BIWA, the lake largest in Japan on about. Honshu. 716 êì2. Depth up to 86 m. A drainage on r. Jodo in a hall. Osaka Quiet ok. It is paired by channels with Osaka and Kyoto. Navigation. Tourism.
  • CAMP (bivouac) (a nem. Biwak, frants. bivouac) (ustar)., parking of a troops outside of occupied points for a lodging for the night or leisure time activities.
  • BIVEN (Bevan) Enjurin (1897-1960), the leader of the left-handed wing of the Labour party of the Great Britain (since 1930th). In 1945-51 Minister of Health, in 1951 minister for transactionses; has quitted for demission in a mark of the protest against a course of a labour government.
  • BIVERBRUK (Beaverbrook) William Maksuell (1879-1964), baron, the English newspaper magnate. In 1918 and 1940-45 in government.
  • TUSKS, non-proprietary name of excessively developed tooths (tusks or cutters of both maxillas) for some mammals (elephants, sea cows, wild boars, etc.). The instrument of an offence and protection. Routinely 1 or 2 pairs; will grow during all life. Are used for manufacturing different hand-made articles.
  • BIVREST (Bilrest) (dr .-èñë. shivering road), in the Scandinavian mythology a rainbow represented as the bridge between ground and the root. Red colour in a rainbow symbolized igneous physical agent which handicapped to mount on the root ineistym to giants.
  • BI-GAN, in the Chinese mythology the godhood of oof, it was figured by the way the noble husband sitting on a throne.
  • BITTER ORANGE, the same, that a wild orange.
  • BIG-BAND (English Big band, characters. A major orchestra), the characteristic version of a jazz orchestra distinguished by fixed structure of instruments. Number of musicians in a big-band - 10-20 person. Development of a big-band began in 1920th, and in nach. 1930 on his basis there was a swing - one of basic styles of an orchestral jazz.
  • BIGGAR (Biggar) Joseph Gillis (1828-1890), the figure of irish national motion. The participant of Land league. The initiator of tactics of parliamentary obstruction; the adherent of compromises with the English liberals.
  • "BIGL" ("Beagle"), the military sailing corvette (Great Britain) known primarily on round-the-world expedition 1831-36 (commander R.Fitsroj) including C.Darvina. Displacement 235 t. In 20-40-Õ of 19 century on "Bigl" were led hydrographic activities on filming coasts JUzh. America, It is new. Zealand, the Sowing. Australia, etc.
  • BIDDEPOTI, see. Vidjapati.
  • BIDDER Genrih (1810-94), the Russian physiologist and the anatomist, corresponding member (1857) and the honorary member (1884) Petersburg AN. Transactionses on physiology and a histology of nervous system, physiology of a feed. Has found (1852) in heart of a frog on border of an auricle and a ventricle twin clumps of ganglionic cells (clusters Biddera). Has put forward (1842) hypothesis about the functional independence of sympathetic nervous system. Has created school of physiologists.
  • BIDERMAN Nahum Lvovich (1917-93), the Russian engineer, the expert in range of mechanics of a distorted body, Dr.Sci.Tech. (1959). Has created the theory of retina, has developed methods of calculation of the rubber-cord elastic elements and pneumatic tires. The lenin premium (1960).
  • BIDERMEJER (a nem. Biedermeier, Biedermaier), a style direction in german and Austrian art ok. 1815-48. In bidermejere submissions of burgher medium were reflected. The architecture and an ornamental art bidermejera processed forms of an empire style spirit of intimacy and a domestic cosiness. For painting bidermejera (G.F.Kersting, L.Richter, K.Shpitsveg in Germany, M.Shvind, F.Valdmjuller in Austria) typically thin, careful plotting of an interior, a nature, household component parts.
  • BIDZHAPUR, the state in India on Deccan in 15-17 centuries led by dynasty Adilshahov.
  • BIDZHARETTI (Bigiaretti) Libero (r. 1906), the italian writer. Themes of Resistance movement (the novel " Karlone, life of one Italian ", 1950; the story " School of thieves ", 1952), criticism of the modern society (novels "Congress", 1963, "Dublersha", 1968), the collection of stories (" the Person who has eaten a lion ", 1974); the book of memories ("Room", 1976).
  • BIDZIN (CHolokashvili) Ksansky (mind. 1660; under other data in 1664), the sacred Georgian prince who has headed Kahetinskoe revolt 1659. Memory in the Orthodox church on September, 18 (on October, 1).
  • BIDL (Beadle) George Uels (1903-89), American genetics. Basic transactionses on biochemical genetics. One of writers of the fundamental concept: " one gene - one ferment " (each gene is responsible for synthesis only one ferment, 1941). The Nobel Prize (1958, together with E.Tejtemom).

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