Tuesday, May 29, 2007

  • BLASTULA (from grech. blastos - a germ), a stage of development of a germ of metazoans during a blastulation - a concluding phase of the season{term} of cleavage eggs. The structure of a blastula depends on cleavage pattern, quantity and distribution of a yolk in an ovum. Many animal at the stage of a blastula have a cavity - blastotsel.
  • BLATENSKOE the PRINCIPALITY, in 9 century the slavonic state in area an eskar. Balaton. Center - Blatengrad, is based by prince Pribinoj. In 874 Blatenskoe the principality was part Velikomoravskoj of the mandatory power.
  • BLAU (Blaeu), family of the Netherlands scientists and cartographers - publishers: Willem Janszon (1571-1638), etc. Firm Blau emitted earth and celestial globes, multivolume atlases (" the New atlas ", " the Major atlas ") - collection of maps, geographycal texts (are transferbed{translated} to many tongues).
  • BLAU (Blau) Marietta (1894-1970), Austrian physics. In 1939-60 worked in the USA, in 1960 has returned to Austria. Transactionses on a radioactivity, physics of ultrarays, a nuclear physics. For the first time has applied in 1936 photoplates to probe of ultrarays.
  • BLAUMANIS (Blaumanis) Rudolf (1863-1908), the Latvian writer. Stories about life of the Latvian peasantry (the collection " At light of a shive ", 1893), plays (" Sins Triny ", 1896, " Malicious spirit ", 1891). Satirical verses on political themes.
  • BLASHKOVICH (Blasckovic) Dioniz (r. 1913), a Czechoslovak microbiologist and the virologist, the academician (1952), the vice-president (1961-65) Czechoslovak AN, the foreign member of the Russian Academy of Science (1991; foreign member AN the USSR with 1966). Transactionses on natural ochagovosti, circulations in a nature of pathogenic viruses, a general virology, hygiene.
  • DEATH CUP, the most toxicant flap-type mushroom from a stem a fly mushroom. A cap green or virescent up to white, with white plates. A leg with a paleaceous ring and a sacculate sheath. In deciduous, less often coniferous forests of Eurasia and the Sowing. America.
  • BLEJK (Blake) Peter (r .1920), the American architect and the theorist of the modern architecture. The writer of designs private{individual} and public buildings in international style. Books " Skilful builders " (1960), " the Form sluduet for a fiasco " (1977), etc.
  • BLEJK (Blake) William (1757-1827), the English poet and the artist. Collections " Songs of ignorance " (1789), " Songs of knowledge " (1794), "prophetical" poems (1789-1820) in mythological and biblical modes{images} have reflected events of the French revolution kon. 18 century and the American War for independence. For poetry Blejka, as well as for his{its} case histories to natural books and to " the Heavenly comedy " Dante, the romantic fantasy, philosophical allegory are characteristic.
  • BLEJLER (Bleuler) Ejgen (1857-1939), the Swiss psychiatrist and the psychologist. Has described (1911) schizophrenia as do-it-yourself disease.
  • BLEJMAN Michael Jurjevich (1904-73), the Russian film writer, the critic. Scripts of films (over 40, some in the co-authorship): " Exploit of the scout ", " It was in Donbass ", " the Alarming youth ". The state premium of the USSR (1948).
  • FADED ORE, group of minerals of subclass of the composite sulphides which are generatrix an isomorphous number{series} tennantit Cu12As4S13 - tetraedrit Cu12Sb4S13. Impurity{additives} Ag (frejbergit - up to 17 %), Zn, Fe, Hg. Stalno-grey, iron - black acinose units, grains. Hardness 3-4,5; firmness of 4,6-5,4 g / sm3. Are part some copper ores, antimony, silver, mercury are extracted{drawn} also.
  • BLEKSLI (Blakeslee) (Blejksli) Albert Frensis (1874-1954), American botanik and genetics. In 1927 together with S.Gejdzherom experiences on a datura has proved a capability of obtaining of mutations under action of radiation. Has discovered (1904) phenomena of a heterothallism for mushrooms. Has discovered (1937, together with O.T.Ejveri) a method of obtaining poliploidnyh mutations for plants, acting on them a colchicine. The initiator of a method of cultivation of germs of plants.
  • BLENVIL (Blainville) Anri (1777-1850), the French zoologist and the anatomist, foreign corresponding member Petersburg AN (1840.) has finally separated taxonomic group amphibian from kowtowing, has divided{separated} mammals on a bird, dvu-and monodelphic (sovr. Onepass, ascigerous, placental).
  • SHADE SVETOZASHCHITNAJA, the adaptation routinely by the way the cylinder or a cone, mounted on forefront of a lens carriage for an avoidance of hit in him{it} of marginal rays.
  • BLENNOREJA (from grech. blennos - mucilage and rheo - I stream), the acute purulent conjunctivitis called gonokokkom. Arises more often for neonatal which catch during stems from an ill gonorrhea of mother. Can reduce in blindness.
  • BLERIO (Bleriot) Lui (1872-1936), the French aircraft designer and the pilot, one of pioneers of aircraft. With 1906 plotted airplanes. First has flown through a channel over La Manche (1909).
  • LUSTER of a heavenly body, the illuminating intensity created by a heavenly body in a place of supervision{observation} on a perpendicular plane to rays; it is measured in stellar magnitudes.
  • LUSTER, a qualitative behavior of properties of the surface which are reflecting light. Stringent scientific definition of concept of lusters misses.
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