Tuesday, May 29, 2007

  • BOGUSLAVSKAJA Zoja Borisovna (r. 1929), the Russian writer, the playwright, the critic. Critical activities: "Leonid Leonov" (1960), etc. In prose - acute social - moral conflicts of duties (books "... And tomorrow ", 1967, "Intermediarys", 1981, etc.). The play "Contact piece" (1979), etc.
  • BOGUSLAVSKY (Boguslawski) Vojtseh (1757-1829), the Polish producer, the playwright, the actor of a drama and operas (bass), the teacher. One of creators of Polish professional drama and musical theatres. Has delivered opera " the Imaginary miracle, or Krakovtsy and gortsy " to Stephanie (1794).
  • BOGUCHAR, city (with 1779) in the Russian Federation, the Voronezh region, on r. Boguchar, in 60 kms from zh.-d. An item. Kantemirovka. 8,7 thousand inhabitants (1992). Alimentary and other enterprises. It is based in 1717.
  • BOGUCHARSKY, Bazilevsky Bogucharsky (an ice-film. fam. And a name Jakovlev Vasily Jakovlevich) (1861-1915), the Russian historian. The publisher - editor of the log-book "was{Former}". Transactionses and publications of documents on a history of Russian public idea and revolutionary movement of 19 century.
  • BOGUSHEVICH Francis Kazimirovich (1840-1900), the Byelorussian poet. Collections of verses " the Pipe Byelorussian " (1891) and " the Bow Byelorussian " (1894).
  • BOGHEAD, the most clear version of organic slimes. The content of hydrogen of 8-12 %. Combustion heat of combustible mass of 33,5-37,7 MDZH/KG. Occurs{lies} by the way prolayers in layers of humic coals.
  • BAUD, unit of speed of signalling. It is determined as one unit element of a current for 1 seconds. It is called named Z.Bodo.
  • BODAIBO, city (with 1925) in the Russian Federation, Irkutsk region, landing stage on r. Vitim. 21,7 thousand inhabitants (1992.) Center zolotopromyshlennogo area. A food-processing industry. Bliz Bodaibo - Mamakanskaja a river plant. It is based in 1864.
  • BAUD (Bode) Iogann Elert (1747-1826), the german astronomer, foreign corresponding member (1785), the foreign honorary member (1794) Petersburg AN, the founder of " the Berlin astronomical year-book " (1776). One of writers of rule of thumb Titsiusa - Baud.
  • BODEL (Bodel) ZHean (ok. 1165-1210), the French poet and the playwright. The writer miraklja " the Game about Sacred Nikolay " (between 1199 and 1201), the fabliau, pastorelej (the medieval genre which is going back to antique bukolicheskoj poetry, see. Bukolika).
  • BODEN SEA (Bodensee), in the Prealpes, on border{limit} of Germany, Switzerland, Austria. 395 m are located at the altitude. The area 538 êì2, length of 63 kms, depth up to 252 m. Fills in tectonic a hollow, treated with an ancient icehouse. Through Boden sea Rhein weeps. Navigation, a ferry crossing. On coasts-. Konstants, Fridrihshafen (Germany), Bregenz (Austria), reservations.
  • BODENSHTEDT (Bodenstedt) Fridrih (1819-92), a german translator and the writer. The propagandist of the Russian literature (transfer{translation} of verses of A.S.Pushkin, A.V.Koltsov, A.A.Fet, etc.), eastern poetry. Has published the 2-languid issuing of verses of M.J.Lermontov in the transfers{translations} (1852).
  • BODENSHTEJN (Bodenstein) Maks (1871-1942), the german chemist. Has discovered (1913) photochemical reactions with a major photon yield that has laid foundation to submissions about chain processes. Has placed{installed} (1913) principle of fixed concentration of intermediate products of chemical changes in gases. Transactionses on a catalysis and chemical kinetics.
  • BAUD - SHARLEMAN Adolf Iosifovich (1826-1901), the Russian theatrical artist, the writer of a series of sketches of cool clothes{clothing} in the Old Russian style, often replicated in periodicals 1850-60-Õ.
  • BODLER (Baudelaire) Charles (1821-67), the French poet. The participant of Revolution 1848. The precursor of the French symbolism. In the collection " Flowers of evil " (1857) anarchist rebelliousness, melancholy on harmony combine{blend} with confession neodolimosti evil, estetizatsiej faults of a conurbation. Artistic - critical transactionses (t. n. Reports on interiors{cabins}, 1845 and 1846; the collection " Romantic art ", the issuing 1868).
  • BODMER (Bodmer) Iogann JAkob (1698-1783), the Swiss critic and the poet of Enlightenment. Overcoming educational rationalism, returned owing to feeling and fancy in art. Studied the German epos, national poetry.
  • The BOTTOMRY (from goll. bodemerij), in a civic right - the loan for consumption on the security of a vessel and freight.
  • BODNARSKY Bogdan Stepanovich (1874-1968), Russian knigoved, the bibliographer, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, the professor. In 1920-29 chairman of Russian bibliographic society at Moskovsk univesitete. The main{basic} transactionses " the Bibliography of the Russian bibliography " (t. 1-4, 1918-30). The editor of the log-book " Bibliographic informations " (1913-29).
  • BODO the APPARATUS, a printing apparatus of a multiplex telegraphy in which the text of the received cable is typed on a paper strip. Z.Bodo in 1874 is constructed. With kon. 1950th are driven out by start - stop teleprinters.

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