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  • EXALTATION, in biology - reaction of living cells to influence of different factors external and an internal environment. At exaltation the alive system passes from a condition of relative physiological dormancy to activity. In the basis of exaltation the composite physico-chemical processes lay. Fullestly exaltation is studied in nervous and muscle cells where it is accompanied by originating of an extending bioelectric potential - nervous impulse. Ability of cells to exaltation calls as an excitability. Compare. Braking operation.
  • EXITED STATE of quantum mechanical system, unstable state with the power superior power of a ground state.
  • EXPONENTIATION, the algebraic action consisting in multiplication of figure (a) most on a little bit (n) of time: a·a •... ·a = ├án. Napr., 34 = 3•3•3•3 = 81.
  • RETURN of metals, the partial restoration of structural perfection and properties (in particular, a plasticity) distorted metals and alloys at their heating is lower than recrystallization temperature. Distinguish 2 stages of return - leisure time activities and poligonizatsiju.
  • RECURSIVE SEQUENCE (recurrent sequence), sequence a1, a2..., satisfying to a ratio of a kind an+p + c1an+p-1 +... + cpan=0, where c1, c2..., cp - stationary values.
  • RESIPROCAL CROSSING (bekkross), a crossing of a hybrid (animal or plants) a firstgeneration from one of parental forms for detection of a genotype.
  • TYPHINIA LOUSY (epidemic, european), an acute contagion of the person from group of spirochetoses. Flow by the way attacks (a fever, a fever, joint pains and a sacrum), alternating to remissions. It is transmitted vshami.
  • TYPHINIA TONGS, an acute contagion of the person with expressed natural ochagovostju; falls into to group of spirochetoses. It is transmitted by mites. It is clinically similar to a typhinia lousy.
  • RAISED, the grade of an aesthetics defining internal significance, majesty of subjects and the phenomena. Has become popular in an aesthetics 18 - nach. 19 centuries. In antiquity raised ("high") - special style of oratorical speech (the composition Pseudo - Longina " About raised ", 1 century n. e.).
  • HIGH GROUND, the epines of a surface elevated concerning accumbent terrains or adjacent parts of a bottom of a water reservoir (submarine elevation). Overland to high grounds attribute routinely districts with a true altitude more than 200 m.
  • SUBLIMATION, the same, that a sublimation.
  • VOZDVIZHENIE, one of religious dvunadesjatyh holidays, content in memory t. n. vozdvizhenija in 4 century in Jerusalem above crowd of believers of a cross on which, under the legend, the Christ was raspjat. It is marked by believers on September, 14 (27).
  • The AIR BLOWER, ministers for squeeze and air delivery or other gas. On a compression ratio distinguish fans and air engines. Sometimes air blowers call as air blowers or dutjevymi devices.
  • AEROSTATION (aeronautics), letanie on apparatuses lighter-than-air (air balloons). In the beginning of development of aircraft the term "aerostation" meant as well letanie on apparatuses more hardly air (airplanes, water elms).
  • VOZDUHOPODGOTOVKA, machining of air for collimating to him of the qualities adequate technological and sanitary-hygienic requests: air filtration from a dust, harmful gas impurity and odors, preheating (or refrigerating), drying (or humidifying), add-on of oxygen, aromatic substances. It is applied in warm-air heating systems, ventilation, an air handling.
  • AIR HEATER, the heat-exchange apparatus for calefaction of air passing through him. It is applied in warm-air heating systems, plenum ventilation, an air handling, in boiler installations TES and industrial enterprises.
  • AIR CURTAIN, the directed air flow given system of aboriginal plenum ventilation, handicapping access in rooms of outside cool air (or hot contaminated air from fabrication systems) through gatepost or technological openings.
  • AIR BUFFER, plenum of air between the grounding of the machine (napr., hovercrafts) and a seating, between mobile and back blocks of mechanisms (napr., the air bearing), in devices (napr., gyros).
  • AIR FILMING, in mining - establishment of character of distribution of a mine air on productions of shaft (or a plot of shaft), places and value of escapes. It is effected by anemometers, and also micromanometers in combination with vozduhomernymi tubes.
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