Wednesday, May 23, 2007

  • GARBUZOV Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1880-1955), the Russian musicologist, the doctor of art criticism. The founder of the concept of a zonal nature of acoustical perception (see. A zone). The professor of the Moscow conservatory (1923-51).
  • GARUA, city in Cameroon; see. Garua.
  • The HARWARD ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY, the USA, is based in 1839. In 1955 it is joint with Smitsonovskoj an astrophysical observatory. Main routes of probes: variable stars; a photometry and a spectophotometery of asters, fogs, galaxies; radio astronomy; interior of asters; a cosmology.
  • The HARWARD SCHOOL, the direction of the political economy which have arisen in the USA after 1-st world war, studies a nature of a business cycle and economic conditions with the help of methods statistical and a calculus. The most outstanding representative of the Harward school - U.Mitchell.
  • The HARWARD SCHOOL of the RIGHT, one of basic currents of the American sociological school of the right. See also R.
  • The HARWARD UNIVERSITY, the USA, Cambridge, bliz Boston, is based in 1636 as college, has name Dzh. Harward (with 1639), bequeathed the capital to college. It is reorganized in university in 1-st quarter of 19 century. In 199117 thousand students.
  • GARVEJ (Harvi) (Harvey) William (1578-1657), the English doctor, the founder the modern physiologies and an embryology. Has described major and small circles of a blood circulation. In transactionses " Anatomic probe about motion of heart and blood for animal " (1628) has stated the doctrine about a blood circulation, denying the submissions prevailing from times Galena, for what exposed to persecution on the part of the modern to him of scientists and churches. For the first time has stated thought, that " all alive descends from eggs ".
  • GARVI (Garvey) Markus (1887-1940), the national hero of Jamaica, the ideologist of nationalistic motion of the American Negros " Back to Africa " (garvizm); the founder of World association on improvement of a rule of Negros (1914). Has created on Jamaica the National political party (1929) and a number of other organizations acting for self-management of country.
  • GARGANO (Gargano), the peninsula in a southeast of Italy, presses in Adriatic m. An altitude up to 1056 m. The Mediterranean bushes, epines of woods. Gardens, vineyards.
  • GARGZHDAJ (Gargzdai) (up to 1917 official title Gordzh), city (with 1965) in Lithuania, on r. Minija, in 18 kms from Klaipeda. 13,7 thousand inhabitants (1990). Metal working, an industry of a building materials.
  • GARDA (Garda), lake in a north of Italy, for foot of the Alpes. The area 370 êì2. Depth of 346 m. From Garda escapes r. Mincho (in-leak r. On). Navigation. Health resorts Garda, Sermione, Riva-del-Garda, etc.
  • GARDA (frants. garde, a basic meaning - guarding), a part of ephesus klinkovogo a cold steel, the employee for protection against impact of a paintbrush of an arm.
  • GARDABANI, city (with 1969) in Georgia. A depot. 17,7 thousand inhabitants (1990). The Tbilisi waterpower plant. Canning and kartonno-ruberoidnyj factories; knitted, furry factories.
  • HALYARD (Gardel) Karlos (1890-1935), the Argentina musician, the singer and a film actor. It is known as " king of a tango ".
  • MIDDY (frants. gardemarine, characters. - marine guards), a rank in the Russian VTR, content in 1716 for pupils of the higher companies of Marine academy, and after the Marine military school at a direction in fleet on practice.
  • GARDEN (Harden) (Harden) Arthur (1865-1940), the English biochemist. Transactionses on biochemistry of a spirit fermentation and the ferments participating in a nem. Has discovered coenzymes. Probeed a structure and function of coenzyme I (nicotine - amidadenindinukleotid). The Nobel Prize (1929, together with H.Ejlerom-Helpinom).
  • GARDEN - GROV (Garden Grove), city in the west the USA, pieces. California. 143,1 thousand inhabitants (1990, with suburbs). Manufacture of electronic - computers, an aeronautical engineering; furniture, a food-processing industry.
  • GARDENIA, stem of evergreen bushes or small trees of a set of a madder family. St. 100 (under other data, 250) kinds, in tropics and subtropics of Asia and Africa. Many kinds are decorative.

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