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  • The SLEEVE (a nem. Hulse, characters. - an environment), 1) the sleeve ammunition - a part ammunition battle pripasa, the thin-walled metal sleeve intended for a room of a propellant charge, ignition agents (the capsule barrel, a primer), etc. 2) the Sleeve of the cartridge of a small arms - extrasmall version of the sleeve ammunition. Together with a powder charge and reinforced in dultse sleeves a bullet compounds the unitary cartridge of a small arms. 3) Sleeves of the hunting cartridge are metal and cardboard, are filled in with a powder charge, gear (a fraction, a bullet) and wads. 4) the Removable dead flat established in a unit - crankcase of the piston thermal engines for reduction of wearing rubed and facilitation of repair.
  • HELMAND, the river in Afghanistan and Iran (lower reaches). 1150 kms, the area of basin ok. 500 thousand êì2. Starts in mountains of Hindu Kush. Ends in drainless hollow Sistan, nourishing an eskar. Hamun. Average discharge of water 400-500 m3 / with. It is used for an irrigation.
  • GILOM DE MASHO (Guillaume de Machaut) (ok. 1300-77), the French poet and the composer, the representative ars it is new. Lyrics. Allegorical poems (" the Book about really happened ", 1365, etc.). In pieces of music odnogolosie (the tradition of musical - poetic knightly art) combines with polyphonic methods.
  • GILOM from Konsha (frants. Guillaume de Conches, an armour. Guillelmus de Conchis) (ok. 1080 - ok. 1145), the French philosopher and grammatik, Christian platonik. Pupil Bernarda Shartrskogo, taught in SHartre.
  • GILOM from the Sent-cupid (Guillaume de Saint-Amour) (ok. 1202 - 1272), the French seminary student, the professor of the Parisian university. Has headed extirpation of "society" masters of university against Giljoma Overnskogo and begging religious orders - black friars and franciscans. Has been convicted and ejected from Paris (1257).
  • GILOM from SHampo (Guillaume de Champeaux) (ok. 1070 - 1121), the French seminary student, ritor and logik. With 1108 supervised over doctrinal school at founded him Sen-Viktorskom an abbey of canons - avgustintsev, with 1113 diocesan of. SHalon-sjur-Marn. The teacher, then the opponent of Abailard; in spore about universalijah held on to marginal realism.
  • GILOM Charles Eduar (1861-1938), Swiss physics. Probes on a metrology. Has created alloys Invar, elinvar. The Nobel Prize (1920).
  • GUILLOTINE (frants. guillotine), the instrument for beheading convicted for the execution, used in France during Great French revolution under the proposal of doctor Z.Gijotena (J. Guillotin). The guillotine will consist of two coherent above a girder of piles between which on gutters the curve heavy edge alights. Executed put to the grounding of a guillotine, alight from above an edge which instantly cuts off a head from a trunk.
  • GILFERDING Alexander Fedorovich (1831-72), the Russian historian - Slavist, the specialist in folklore, the publicist - Slavophile, corresponding member Petersburg AN (1856). Has recorded 318 epic texts (" the Onega bylinas ", 1873). Transactionses on a history of austral slavs.
  • GILFERDING (Hilferding) (Hilferding) Rudolf (1877-1941), one of leaders of the Austrian and German social democracy and 2-nd Internatsionala, the theorist avstromarksizma. The main transactionses "Banking capital" (1910) - one of the first attempts of the marxist analysis of new tendencies in development of a capitalism kon. 19 - nach. 20 century. In 1923 and 1928-29 Minister of Finance in government of the Weimar republic.
  • GILJUJ, the river on the Far East, dextral in-leak of Zeya. 545 kms, the area of basin of 22,5 thousand êì2. Average discharge of water 208 m3 / with. Driveable.
  • GILJAZHEV Hakim (Lukman-Hakim Gabdrahmanovich Giljazev) (r. 1923), the Bashkir writer. Roman about post-war Bashkir village " Soldiers without run " (1965). In the collection of verses and poems " Magpies the sixth soldier " (1962) - memory of war; the book of lyrics " Fires above Agidelju " (1982). Verses for children.
  • GILJAZOV Ajaz Mirsaidovich (r. 1928), the tatar writer. Ostroproblemnye stories about a modernity " Three arshins of ground " (1963), " Love and hatred " (1976), " On Friday in the evening " (1980), " the Cock has taken off on a wattle fence " (1981.) Roman " Behind village fences of a meadow green " (1970). Stories. Plays.
  • GILJAKI, the obsolete title nivhov.
  • GILJAN, historical range in Iran. The nation dwelt in an antiquity gelov (ancestors of the modern giljantsev). In 16-17 centuries there were revolts against Sefevidov (1570-71, 1592, 1629).
  • GILJANTSY, people in Iran (historical range Giljan). 3,3 million person (1992). Tongue of the Iranian group. Believers - basically moslems - shiity.
  • GILJAROV Mercury Sergeevich (1912-85), the Russian zoologist, the creator of soil zoology, academician AN the USSR (1974). The main transactionses on evolution of arthropods, roles of Invertebrata in a soil formation, to regularities of a natural selection. The state premium of the USSR (1951, 1967, 1980).
  • GILJAROVSKY Vladimir Alekseevich (1853-1935), the Russian writer. Books of sketches about pre-revolutionary Russia, tempers and customs of aged Moscow: " Trushchobnye people " (1887), " Moscow and muscovites " (1926), " my wanderings " (1928), " People of theatre " (it is published 1941).
  • HIMALAYA, the highest range of a terrestrial globe, between plateau of Tibet (in a north) and Indo-Gangetic plain (in the south). Length over 2400 kms, width up to 350 kms. Among high crests - ok. 6000 m, a maxheight up to 8848 m, Chomolungma (Everest) - a peak level of the Earth. 11 tops more than 8 thousand in m. A climatic and natural boundary between deserts Center. Asia and tropical landscapes JUzh. Asia. A Himalaya raise above Indo-Gangetic plain 3 stages which are generatrix Sivalikskie mountains (Predgimalai), the Small and Major Himalaya. Crests of the alpine type, icehouses are characteristic for the Major Himalayas (over 33 thousand êì2). In a Himalaya main rivers JUzh rise. Asia - Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra. On austral downslopes bottom-up are replaced terai (silted jungle), evergreen tropical forests, deciduous and coniferous forests, bushes, meadows. Above 5000 m - landscapes gljatsialno-nivalnogo belts. On boreal downslopes - mountain steppes and semideserts. Mountaineering (primarily in Nepal).
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