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  • THICKENED MUST (turets)., uparennyj juice of a grape. Use in I peep.
  • BEK-NAZAROV (Beknazarjan) Amo (Ambartsum) Ivanovich (1892-1965), the Armenian film director, the actor, the national actor of Armenia (1935). Acted in pre-revolutionary kino. Worked on film studioes of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Has delivered films: "Namus" (1926), "Pepo" (1935), "Zangezur" (1938), "David - Bek" (1944), etc. The State premium of the USSR (1941).
  • BEKOVICH-CHERKASSK (Devlet-Kizden-Murza) Alexander (?-1717), kabardian prince. In 1717 has headed Russian expedition (ok. 5 t. Hours) to Khiva. It is perfidiously killed under the order of Khivan khan.
  • BACON (English bacon), a meat product prepared from half carcasses of pork, received from a thorough revision of pigs of a bacon fattening. Distinguish a bacon salinous and smoked.
  • BACON FATTENING, kind of a fattening of the pigs, used for obtaining soft with meat fat. Pigs of early breeds are suitable for a bacon fattening.
  • BEKTASHI, 1) dervishsky order, founded in Turkey Hadzhi Bektashi in 15 century. It is officially closed in 1826. There was in Turkey up to 1925, then a centre in Albania. 2) the Member of order Bektashi.
  • It is WHITE IV (Bela) (1206-70), king of the Hungarian kingdom with 1235. From dynasty Arpadov. Having sufferred a defeat from the mongolo-tartar (1241), ran; after their maintenance (1242) has strengthened an economy and defensive capability of country. Has given (1267) number of privileges to small-sized and mean nobility. Wared against Venice because of dalmatinskih cities (1243-44), with the Czech king Przhemyslom II because of Austria and SHtirii (1253-54, 1260).
  • BELAZURI (ok. 820-892), the Arabian historian. Compositions on a political history, economy Arabian halifata, including Compare. Asia and Caucasus.
  • "BELARUSFILM", film studio of feature films. It is organized in 1924, with 1928 in Leningrad, with 1939 in Minsk. Up to 1946 - " the Soviet Byelorussia ". Among films: " Kastus Kalinovsky " (1928), " On fire born " (1930), "Konstantin Zaslonov" (1949), " Hours have stayed at midnight " (1959), "republic Rudobelskaja" (1972), " Time of its sons " (1976), " Kultpohod in theatre " (1983), " the Mark of a trouble " (1987), "Branch" (1988), " to Birds side panels not in burden " (1989).
  • BELASITSA, a mountain ridge on border of the modern Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Greece; 29.7.1014 on boreal downslopes Belasitsy, in a valley r. Strumitsa, a troops of the byzantian emperor Vasily II have divided the Bulgarian army; by 14 thousand captured bolgar have been blinded.
  • BELAUNDE TERRI (Belaunde Terry) Fernando (r. 1912), the president of Peru in 1963-68 and 1980-85. The founder (1956) and the leader of a consignment National action.
  • BELASHOVA Ekaterina Fedorovna (1906-71), the sculptor, the national artist of the USSR (1963), corresponding member AH the USSR (1964). Products of a heavy sculpture ("Unsubdued", 1957; " A.S.Pushkin. 1837 year ", 1964). The state premium of the USSR (1967).
  • WHITE, the river on JUzh. Ural and in Preduralje, the left-handed in-leak of Kama. 1430 kms, the area of basin of 142 thousand êì2. Average discharge of water 970 m3 / with. Main inflow - Ufa, Dema. It is navigable from Ufa.
  • WHITE, the river on the Sowing. Caucasus, the left-handed in-leak of Kuban. 273 kms, the area of basin 5990 êì2. On White - 2 river plants.
  • FALSE ACACIA, plant from a stem a black locust.
  • WHITE VEZHA, see. Sarkel.
  • WHITE Galina Andreevna (r. 1931), the Russian critic, the literary critic. The professor of the Russian state humanitarian university. The main activities are dedicated the literature and criticism of 20th of 20 century, the modern literary process. Books: " Regularities of style development of the Soviet prose of the twentieth years " (1977), " Filosofsko-ethical problems of the modern literature " (1982), etc.
  • WHITE GUARDS, the informal name of the military formations struggling within the Civil war against the Soviet authority. The origin of the term is connected to traditional symbolics of a white as colours of adherents of " the legal law order ". The basis of White guards - officers of former imperial army; a guiding - military tops (M.V.Alekseev, P.N.Vrangel, A.I.Denikin, A.V.Kolchak, L.G.Kornilov, E.K.Miller, N.N.Judenich).
  • WHITE MOUNTAIN, mountain in Czechoslovakia, bliz Prague. On the White mountain 8.11.1620 during Thirty-year war the impersko-Bavarian troops of Roman catholic league have divided the Czech troops then Czechia has lost independence.
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