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  • ROLLS ROLLING, the action of the rolling mill executing{designing} a strain of metal for collimating to him required dimensions and the form.
  • VALLA Lorentso, see Lorentso Valla.
  • VALLAK (Vallak) Peet (an ice-film. A name and fam. Peeter Pedajas, Pedajas) (1893-1959), the Estonian writer. Collections of short stories " Clamp of brains " (1926), " Affairs navyvorot " (1935) about life of inhabitants of urban fringes of Estonia; " Grains from many bins " (kn. 1-3, 1945-48).
  • VALLATHOL Narajana Menon (1878-1958), the indian poet. Wrote in tongues malajalam and a Sanskrit. National-liberation, international motives (verses " the Bleeding of India ", " Seventh November ").
  • VALLAH (Wallach) Otto (1847-1931), german chemists - organics. Has discovered and probeed many terpenes. The Nobel Prize (1910).
  • VALLE PUSSEN, see Ac Valle Pussen.
  • VALLENBERGI (Wallenberg), financial and industrial group of Sweden. Has arisen in nach. 20 century. Monitors banks and insurance companies. It is connected to the largest concerns of electrical industry and shipbuilding in countries Zap. Europe.
  • VALLEN-DELAMOT (Vallin de la Mothe) Jean Batist Michel (1729-1800), the French architect. Worked in Russia in 1759-75. Construction in Saint Petersburg: Gostinyj a yard (1761-85), the Small Hermitage (1764-67) in style of an early Russian classicism. Participat in designing the building AH (1764-88) and warehouses " New Holland " (1765-80).
  • VALLENTIN (Vallentin) Maxim (1904-1987), the german producer, the theatrical figure. In 1950 has created in Berlin studio " Pullet{Young man} band " (about 1952 Theatre him{it}. Maxim Gorkogo).
  • VALLENSHTEJN (Valdshtejn) (Wallenstein) Albrecht (1583-1634), the commander, with 1625 commander-in-chief a troops gabsburgskogo the unit in Thirty-year war 1618-48. Has gained a number{series} of victories above a troops of danish king Christian IV and german Protestant princes. Has sufferred a defeat at Ljuttsene from army of the Swedish king Gustava of II Adolf (1632). Under the charge in the relations with the enemy it is discharged of a command and it is killed by the officers.
  • VALLERIUS (Wallerius) JUhan Gottshalk (1709-85), the Swedish chemist, the honorary member Petersburg AN (1776). The main{basic} transactionses on problems of a general chemistry. Has entered system of natural grading of minerals.
  • VALLES (Valles) ZHjul (1832-85), the French writer, the political figure. The member of 1-st Internatsionala. The participant of the Commune of Paris 1871. In the autobiographical trilogy "Jacque Ventra" (1879-86, posthumously) - a history of the Commune of Paris. Emitted the newspaper " Kri dju pepl "; books of sketches.
  • VALLETTA (Valletta) (Ac - Valletta), capital of Malta, a port on Mediterranean m. of 9,2 thousand inhabitants (1990). An international airport. Shipyards; alimentary, textile, a light industry; handcrafts. University, the Armory Museum, art passageway, an architectonic monument of 16-18 centuries. It is based in 60th of 16 century. It is called named the master of order ioannitov as Z.Parizo de Ac the Jack.
  • VALLIZER (Walliser) Otto (r. 1928), the german geologist, a paleontologist, the foreign member of the Russian Academy of Science (1991; foreign member AN the USSR with 1988). Transactionses on biostratigraphy, paleoecology and organic evolution. The writer of classical activities on goniatitam Devonian and Carbon, konodontam mean Paleozoic and tentakulitoidejam Devonian.
  • VALLIJSKY TONGUE (Welsh, kimrsky), falls into to the Celtic group indoevropejskoj families of tongues. Writing on the basis of the latin alphabet.
  • VALLIJTSY, see. Uelstsy.
  • VALLIS (Uollis) (Wallis) John (1616-1703), the English mathematician. One of osnovatelej the London royal society. Transactionses " Arithmetic infinite " (1655) has played the important role in building infinitesimal calculus.
  • WILD CELERY, stem of submerged perennial grasses of a set vodokrasovyh. Ok. 10 kinds{views}, in fresh waters of tropical, subtropical and moderate belts. A wild celery spiral cultivate in aquariums.
  • VALLON (Wallon) Anri (1879-1962), the French psychologist, the public figure. The participant of movement of Resistance. The founder of school in range of nursery psychology. The main{basic} transactionses on nursery and genetic psychology, and also patopsihologii and applied{economic} psychology.
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