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  • VALE (Valier) Maks (1895-1930), the german engineer, the propagandist of idea of outer-space flights. In 1928-29 conducted experiences on application of jet engines on automobiles{cars}, hand cars, etc. Has perished at experiments with liquid jet engines.
  • VALE-I-KAVEDES (Valle y Caviedes) Huan del (ok. 1652-1694), the Peruvian poet - satirist. Follower Ô. de Kevedo-i-Viljegasa. His{its} satyrs and epigrammy missed in the oral form (the collection " Zubastyj Parnassus " is published only in 1873).
  • VALLEJO (Vallejo) Sesar (1892-1938), the Peruvian writer. In the lyrics noted by influence of a modernism, - elements of traditional American Indian attitude, motives of loneliness, mors, human travails (collections " Black heralds ", 1918; "Trilse", 1923; " CHelovechji verses ", are published 1939). Roman about the Peruvian workers - Indians of "Tungstens" (1931). The book of sketches " Russia, 1931 year " (1931).
  • VALZER (Walser) Martin (r. 1927), the german writer, the member " Groups 47 ". Social criticism, bright satirical figurativeness in the trilogy " Half of game " (1960), "Unicorn" (1966), "Downfall" (1973). The spiritual degradation of the personality, impotent to stand up to{counter;resist} to social and ideological mechanisms of a society, tragical dissociation of people in novels " Disease Gallistlja " (1972), " On the far side to love " (1976), " the Swan dwelling " (1980), "Surf" (1985); stories, plays.
  • VALZER Robert (1878-1956), the Swiss writer. Wrote in German. In social novels "Family Tanner" (1907), "Mate" (1908), " JAkob background Gunten " (1909), in short stories - a parody to the law order in Switzerland.
  • VALKIRII (dr .-ñêàíä. Valkyrja, characters. - choosing killed), in the Scandinavian mythology the militant maidens deciding on will of God Odina outcome of battles. Took most brave of the gorged soldiers and entrained in Valhallu. Mode{image} Valkirii utilised in music and poetry (R.Wagner opera " Âàëüêèðèÿ ", etc.).
  • VALMI (Valmy), settlement in France, to the west from Verdun (department Marne). Ok. Valmi 20.9.1792, during war of revolutionary France against 1-st antiFrench coalition, the French army for the first time has divided a troops of avstro-Prussian interventionists and the French royalists.
  • VALMIKI, the legendary old indian poet. It is considered the writer of the initial text of poem "Ramajana". Valmiki - one of heroes of its{her} 1-st and 7-th books of more serotinal{later} origin.
  • The HIP ROOF, 4-ñêàòíàÿ, with triangular slopes (valmami) from the pipit up to a corbel on the end parties. If valma does not reach a corbel, the roof{cover} calls poluvalmovoj.
  • VALRAS (Walras) Leon Goosefoot Espri (1834-1910), the Swiss economist. Has constructed a general economic-mathematical model of a national economy.
  • VALRAF (Wallraf) Gjunter (r. 1942), the german writer, the member " Groups 61 ". Publicistic sketches (" Undesirable reportings ", 1970) and documentary books " the Birth of sensation... " (1977), " Witnesses for the prosecution... " (1976), " the Manual on "Bild" (1981), " On the fundus " (1985).
  • VALSAMON Theodore (ok. 1140 - after 1195), the byzantian canonist. The writer of explanation on the nomocanon of the Photius including in structure Pidaliona - Grecian Kormchej - and becoming one of the major documents of the christian law of the Orthodox church.
  • WALTZ - BOSTON, the American ball dance of a loose composition, with a characteristic straddle on the first lobe of a timing period. The musical dimension 3/4.
  • WALTER, an automatic 8-shooter gun of german firm " Walter ", templet of 9 mm. Comprised in the inventory fascist army (the sample 1938), was applied in 2-nd world war.
  • WALTER Alexander Filippovich (1898-1941), Russian physics, corresponding member AN the USSR (1933). The main{basic} transactionses on a breakdown of dielectrics.
  • WALTER Anton Karlovich (1905-65), Ukrainian of physics, academician AN of Ukraine (1951). Transactionses on a nuclear physics. Supervised over a structure of the first Soviet electrostatic dynamitron up to 2,5 MeV (1935-36). The participant of a structure of a linac of electrons up to 1,8 GeV (1964, Kharkov).
  • WALTER (Walter) Bruno (an ice-film. A name and fam. Bruno Walter Shlezinger, Schlesinger) (1876-1962), the german conductor. Worked at opera theatres of Vienna, Munich, the London, Berlin, with orchestra Gevandhauza in Leipzig. In 1933 has emigrated, with 1939 in the USA. Went on tour in Russia. Has become famous for interpreting of products{creations} of V.A.Mozart, L.Beethoven, I.Brams, G.Mahler.
  • WALTER (Walther) Johannes (1860-1937), the german geologist, foreign honorary member AN the USSR (1930). Transactionses on paleoecology, the doctrine about a facies, biology starving. Developed a method aktualizma in geology.
  • WALTER Peter Aleksandrovich (1888-1947), the Russian scientist, corresponding member AN the USSR (1933). The main{basic} transactionses on aero-and hydrodynamics. It is repressed; it is rehabilitated posthumously.
  • WALTER SCOTT, see Scott Century.
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