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  • AFRIKAANS (bursky tongue), tongue afrikanerov (bores), falls into indoevropejskoj to family of tongues (the German group). One of two official languages of the republic of South Africa. Has arisen during integration and smeshanija the Netherlands dialects with german and English tongues, and also with some aboriginal tongues. Writing on the basis of the latin alphabet.
  • AFRIKAN Petrijsky (African) (mind{wit}. ok. 250), the Christian martyr, the soldier damaged in persecution of emperor Detsija. Memory{remembrance} in the Orthodox church on April, 10 (23).
  • AFRIKANERY (bores), people in the republic of South Africa (3 million person). Zimbabwe, Zambia, the Great Britain, the USA live also in Namibia, etc. The Aggregate number over 3 million person (1992). Afrikanery - descendants of the Dutch, French and german colonizers. Tongue afrikaans. On religion basically protesters (reformaty).
  • AFRIKANISTIKA, a complex of the scientific disciplines investigator a history, economy, social-political problems, the right, development of public idea, ethnography, tongues, the literature and art of peoples of Africa.
  • The AFRICAN CONSIGNMENT of INDEPENDENCE of GUINEA AND KABO-VERDE (PAIGK), the political party of Guinea - Bissau. It is based in 1956. Headed liberation extirpation against the Portuguese colonialists. The secretary general of a Central Committee - Z.B.Viejra (with 1981).
  • The AFRICAN RAMP, dokembrijskaja a ramp occupying a large part of Africa (without Atlasskih and Kapskih mountains). The base exudes within the limits of Nubijsko-Arabian, Ahaggarskogo and other boards between which syneclises are located: Taudenni, Chad, Congo, the Resin blase, etc. Eastern and partly austral surburbs of the African ramp have undergone epiplatformennomu to an orogenesis with education of mountain belt Vost. Africa, complicated with system riftov - the grabens occupied in lakes and river valleys.
  • The AFRICAN GAMES, the largest complex{integrated} sporting competitions of countries of Africa. Are carried out{conducted} with 1965 High council of the African sport (KSSA; it is based in 1965 instead of Standing committee of the African sport); in 1989 ok. 50 countries.
  • The AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (AfBR, African Development Bank), regional interstate bank on crediting programs of economic and social development of the African countries. It is based in 1963, operations with 1967. Board in Abidjan. By the beginning of 1988 members AfBR there were 50 countries of Africa and 26 not African states (including. Yugoslavia and Chinese People's Republic). The authorized capital on kon. 1980th 6,5 billion dol. The USA, 2/3 capitals belong to the African countries. Has two branches (the African development fund and Fund of Nigeria). More than 1/2 credits are directed to an agriculture and an infrastructure.
  • AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS (ANK), the oldest political organization of the African population of the republic of South Africa. It is based in 1912, in 1960-90 clandestine. Has proclaimed the purpose liquidation of a mode of apartheid, extirpation for a democratic reorganization of a society. President ANK - N.Mandela (with 1990).
  • The AFRICAN HORN, the meeting title of part Vost. Africa - p-ova Somalia, a horn pressing by the way in Indian ok. On Horn of Africa Somalia, Djibouti and a part of Ethiopia are located.
  • AFRIKANSKO-ANTARCTIC HOLLOW, submerged hollow in an austral part of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, bliz coasts of Antarctica. It is prolated lengthways 60 °ju. sh. On 6200 kms. Depth up to 6787 m.
  • The AFRICAN MILLET, annotinous herbaceous plant of a set of cereals. Grain and a feed crop in arid regions of Africa, Asia, in JUzh. To Europe and America.
  • AFRIKANTROP (from Africa and grech. anthropos - the person), the fossil person of neanderthal type (see. Neanderthal men). Fragments of skulls afrikantropov and stone instruments are retrieved in 1935 and 1938 for an eskar. Ejasi in Tanzania.
  • AFRICA the INSTITUTE of Russian Academy of Science (IAFRAN), is built in 1959 in Moscow. Studies economic, social-political, international, historical and cultural - ethnographic problems of development of countries of Africa.
  • AFRO (Afro) (an ice-film. Name Bozeldella Afro) (1912-76), the italian artist, the representative of lyrical abstractionism.
  • AFRO-AMERICANS, ethno-racial group in the USA, a part of Americans the USA. Afro-Americans - descendants of the African slaves delivered to the Sowing. America in 17 - 19 centuries 30 million person (1992).
  • The APHRODITE, in the Grecian mythology the goddess of love and the beauty, arisen from a meershaum. To her there corresponds{meets} Roman Venus. Ancient greek statues of the Aphrodite - "Aphrodite Knidskaja" (ok are well-known. 350 up to n. e., Praksitel, it is known in a Roman copy) and "Aphrodite Milosskaja" (2 century up to n. e., a first copy in the Louvre, Paris).
  • APHRODITE KNIDSKAJA, see in an item. The aphrodite.
  • AFROSIMOV Vadim Vasiljevich (r. 1930), the Russian physics - experimenter, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science (1991; corresponding member AN the USSR with 1987). Transactionses in range of an experimental atomic physics and plasma physics. The lenin premium (1972), the State premium of the USSR (1981).
  • APHTHAS - a check point, see. The American federation of transactionses - the Congress of industrial trade unions.
  • AFTALON (Aftalion) Albert (1874-1956), the French economist. Compositions on problems of a capitalist cycle. A principal cause of social crisises saw in psychologic and technological factors.
  • "AFTONBLADET" ("Aftonbladet"), the daily Swedish newspaper, with 1830, Stockholm.
  • APHTHAS (grech. aphthai), painful surface jazvochki on a mucous membrane of a mouth; develop as do-it-yourself disease (primarily for children) or as complication.
  • AFFANDI (Affandi) Kusuma (r. 1910), the Indonesian painter and the schedule{chart}. Products{creations} 40-50-Х differ romantic emotionality, love to simple workers (" Blind father with the boy ").
  • HOT BLOOD (from an armour. affeсtus - mental disturbance, passion), a stormy short-lived emotion (napr., anger, horror), originating, as a rule, in reply to the strong stimulus. About legal aspect of a condition of hot blood see in an item. Mental disturbance.
  • AFFERENT (from an armour. afferens - giving), bearing to an organ or in him{it} (napr., an afferent artery); relaying pulses from actions (glands, muscles) to a nerve centre (afferent, or centripetal, nerve fibres). Compare. Efferentnyj.
  • The AFFIX (from an armour. affixus - attached), a part of the word, contrasted to the radical and expressing grammar or word-formation value. On a rule{situation;position} concerning the radical affixes are sectioned into prefixes, suffixes, infixes and some other.
  • REFINING (frants. affinage, from affiner - to clear), obtaining of high-purity noble metals. A version of a refining of metals.
  • AFFINE GEOMETRY (from an armour. affinis - affine), the section of geometry investigator properties of figures, kept at any affinities.
  • AFFINITY, geometrical transformation{conversion} of a plane or the space which can be received, combining motions, specular reflections and homotheties in directions of coordinate axises.
  • AFFLEK (Affleck) Rajmond (r .1922), the canadian architect. Designs large urban structures which internal spaces are decided as covered streets in style passazhej 19 eyelids (Stefan Likok Bilding, 1961-65; area Bonaventury in Montreal, 1964-67).
  • AFFONY Persian (mind{wit}. 341-345), the Christian martyr, the former executioner damaged in persecution of tsar Shapura II. Memory{remembrance} in the Orthodox church on November, 2 (15).
  • AFFRIKATA (from an armour. affrico - I reseat), a consonant consisting from explosive (smychnogo) and fricative (fissured) elements (napr., Russian "h", "ts").
  • AH (dr .-егип. blessed, clarified), in egyptian mythology one of showers - natures of the person, his{its} beyond the grave implementation. For the first time it is mentioned in " Texts of pyramids " as ipostas the died pharaon. It was figured by the way hohlatogo an ibis.
  • AHAGGAR (Hoggar), a mountains in Central Sahara (Algeria). Stepwise mountain hrebty (a mean altitude 800 м), a basalt plateau (a mean altitude 2000 м) and separate volcanic cones (. Tahat, 3003 м). Mountain deserts. Nomadic cattle breeding, in oases agriculture.
  • AHAIK (1 century), apostle from 70-ти, spodvizhnik apostle Paul (1 epistle to the corinthians 16:17-18). Memory{remembrance} in the Orthodox church on January, 4 (17).
  • ACHALASIA of the ESOPHAGUS, see. A cardiospasm.
  • " AHALGORIJSKY KLAD ", residues of affluent burial of 5 century up to n. e. With golden and silver items (vessels, dressings and so forth); it is retrieved in 1908 for a seconds. Ahalgori (JUzh. Ossetia).
  • AHALKALAKI, city in Georgia, on r. Paravani, 15,8 thousand inhabitants (1991). The enterprises metal-working, alimentary, a building materials of an industry. A study of local lore museum. It is known with 1064.
  • AHALTEKINSKAJA BREED of horses, high, is introduced in an antiquity to terrains Turkmenii. Animal large, with a refined constitution and flexible motions, wanton, hardy. Cultivate in Turkmenii, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation.
  • AHALTEKINSKIE EXPEDITIONS, marchings of Russian troops with the purpose of mastering Ahaltekinskim by oasis (Turkmenija). 1-n Ahaltekinskaja expedition (1879) has ended in vain. In 2-nd Ahaltekinskoj expeditions (1880-1881) Russian troops of general M.D.Skobelev 12.1.1881 storm have taken possession of strengthening tekintsev in Geok-Tepe (45 kms severo-to the west of Ashkhabad).
  • AHALTSIHE, city in Georgia. A depot. 24,6 thousand inhabitants (1991). A food-processing industry. Theatre. Study of local lore and historical museums. A balneal health resort. It is known from 12 century.
  • AHALJA, in vedijskoj mythologies of the marital partner of wise man Gautamy. Enticed Indroj, she turned into a stone.
  • AHANGARAN, city (with 1966) in Uzbekistan, the Tashkent region. A depot. 31,1 thousand inhabitants (1989). Cement plant, manufacture of corrugated asbestos board, moulded plastics.
  • AHAN-SERI (an ice-film. Name Ahan Koramsin) (1843-1913), Kazakh akyn and the composer. Lyrical poems "Syrymbet", "Kulager", etc.
  • AHATINIDY, a set of terraneous Castropoda of mollusks. Ok. 100 kinds{views}, in Africa. Ahatina huge, largest of terraneous mollusks (the altitude of a shell up to 20 sm, weighs up to 0,5 kg), meat is edible; with kon. 18 century it is settled in tropical and subtropical regions; damages agricultural crops, especially a cane.
  • AHVAS, city on a southwest of Iran, adm. ts. ostana Khuzistan. 580 thousand inhabitants (1986.) Center of oil producing area. A textile industry, steel-rolling factory; manufacture of jewels. University.
  • AHVAS, large oil deposit in Iran. It is open{discovered} and is developed with 1958. The deposit sheet{layer} with a gas-cap, occurs at depth 1,5-3,1 kms. Beginning inventories of petroleum 1215 million t, gas 311 billion in m3.
  • AHVAHSKY TONGUE, see in an item. The Dagestan tongues.
  • AHVERDOV Abdurragim Asadbek ogly (1870-1933), the Azerbaijan writer. Dramas " the Destroyed nest " (1896), " the Unfortunate young man " (1900), satirical stories, plays, feuilletons (a cycle " Letters from a hell ", etc.); transactionses on a history of the Azerbaijan theatre.
  • AHVLEDIANI George Saridanovich (1887-1973), Georgian jazykoved, academician AN of Georgia (1941); corresponding member AN the USSR (1939). Transactionses on indoiranistike (including osetinovedeniju, kavkazovedeniju), to general linguistics, the theory and practice of a laliatry.
  • AHVLEDIANI Elena Dmitrievna (1901-75), the Georgian painter, the schedule{chart}, the theatrical artist, the national artist of Georgia (1960). Panoramic kinds{views} of the Georgian cities, case histories to I.Chavchavadze's products{creations}, Vazha Pshavela, registration of performances at Theatre him{it}. Mardzhanishvili in Tbilisi.
  • AHEDZHAKOVA Leah Medzhidovna (r. 1938), the Russian actress, the deserved actress of Russia (1970). With 1960 in Moskovsk TJUZe, with 1977 at theatre " Contemporary ". In Ахеджаковой game, direct, full crafty humour, the block type and acute typicalness often adjoin to notes of pressing dramatic nature. Light and other roles (" the Dwelling unit of the Colombine " L.S.Petrushevskoj, 1986), Margarita Mostovaja ("Wall" A.M.Galina, 1987), Rahel-Leja Gold (" Refractory people " J.Bar-Josefa, 1992), etc. It was taken out in films of producer E.A.Ryazanov (" the Twist of fate, or With a lung the ferry ", " the Service novel ", "Garage", " Heavens promised "), etc. The National actress of Russia (1995).
  • AHEJ, in the Grecian mythology grandson Ellina, son Ksufa, the brother of the Ion; an ancestor of nation ahejtsev.
  • AHEJSKY the UNION, antimacedonian federation of ancient greek cities in Peloponnesus ok. 280-146 up to n. e. It dissolved after seizure of Greece by Rome.
  • AHEJTSY, one of the main{basic} ancient greek nations, lived in Thessaly with nach. 2-nd thousand up to n. e. And on Peloponnesus. The states ahejtsev: Mycenae, Pilos, etc. Participat in Trojan war. In 12 century up to n. e. Are extruded dorijtsami in M.Aziju, to Cyprus and other islands, north-up Peloponnesus (the range has received title Ahajja).
  • AHELOJ, in the Grecian mythology the godhood of the like river, the son of Ocean and Tefidy. Was considered as the father of Alerters. Could accept any appearance; during extirpation with Geraklom for arm{hand} Dejaniry turned into the bull. Gerakl has broken to him a horn which was afterwards transformed{turned into} by pondweeds in a horn of plenty. Plotting of this extirpation quite often meet in Grecian vazopisi chernofigurnogo style; mask Aheloja by the way startsa with the open mouth from which water is casted, - a crowded dressing of an antique spout.
  • AHEMENIDY, a dynasty drevnepersidskih tsars in 558-330 up to n. e. The founder - Mineral tar II. The state Ahemenidov, the plugging majority of countries Short-range and Compare. The orient, has reached{achieved} the greatest bloom at Darii I. The state Ahemenidov has stopped existence as a result of seizure his{its} Alexander the Great. The major representatives Ahemenidov: Mineral tar II, Dary I, Kserks I, Artakserks III.
  • AHEN (Aachen), city in Germany, ground the Sowing. Rhine - Vestfalija. 244 thousand inhabitants (1992.) Center of a coal basin. A machine industry, textile, chemical, glass, a food-processing industry. A balneal health resort. Technical university. It is known from 1 century as a Roman settlement of the Akve-edge for curative sources. In kon. 8 - nach. 9 centuries Charles Velikogo's main residence.
  • AHENSKY the MIR 1668 (in Ahene), has ended Devoljutsionnuju war 1667-68.
  • AHENSKY the MIR 1748 (in Ahene), has ended war for the Austrian patrimony.
  • AHERNAR? Eridanum, an aster of null stellar magnitude.
  • AHERONT (Aheron), in the Grecian mythology the river in a underground kingdom into which run Piriflegeton and Kotsit.
  • AHI BUDHNJA, in vedijskoj mythologies the snake, olitsetvorenie juvenile waters; lays at the bottom of world waters.
  • AHIDZHO (Ahidjo) to Ahmad (1924-89), the president of Cameroon in 1960-82. The founder and the leader of consignment Kamerunsky the union in 1958-66, in 1966-83 chairman of consignment Kamerunsky the national union. In 1958-60 prime minister of independent{autonomous} Cameroon. In 1982 Ahidzho has tendered resignation. With 1984 in emigration.
  • AHILIJA (from and - a negative prefix and grech. chylos - juice), temporary or permanent absence of a pepsin and muriatic acid in a gastric juice at gastritises, an inferior feed, etc.
  • AHILL (Ahilles), in "Illiada" one of the most brave Grecian heroes, osazhdavshih Troy. Mother Ahilla - goddess Fetida, wishing to make the son immortal, has loaded it{him} in sacred waters Stiksa; only the heel for which Fetida it{him} kept, has not touched some water and has remained vulnerable. Ahill has perished from boom Parisa amazing it{him} in a heel. From here expression " an achilles' footstep " (vulnerable point).
  • AHILLEJ Nikopolsky (Armenian) (mind{wit}. ok. 319), one of a magpie of five Christian martyrs who have perished in Nikopol Armenian in the persecution of emperor Litsinija. Memory{remembrance} in the Orthodox church on July, 10 (23).
  • AHILLOV the REFLEX, a pendent inflection of autopodium as a result of reduction by the three-chapter of a muscle of a shin in reply to impact on heel (ahillovu) to a tendon.
  • AHIM (Achim) Andrash (1871-1911), the chief of country motion 1906-11 in Hungary. Demanded nationalization and drive to peasants of grounds of large landowners and church. It is killed by landowners.
  • AHIMSA (sanskr. neprichinenie), a religious principle of the Buddhism and dzhajnizma, failure{refusal} from going and random ubienija alive entities.
  • AHIJAVA, the powerful ancient state mentioned in hettskih texts with 14 up to 2-nd floor. 13 centuries up to n. e. The site{position} is not established{installed}.
  • AHMAD JUGNAKI, the Uzbek poet of 12 century. A didactic poem of " Subarches of trues " (it is published in 1915-16).
  • AHMADABAD, city in the west India, pieces. Gujarat. 2,9 million inhabitants (1991.) Center of cotton industry; metal-working, a chemical industry; handcrafts. University. It is based in 1411. A triumphal arch of Pond scums - Darvaza (15 century), mosque Rani-Sipri with a mausoleum (it is ended in 1514).
  • AL AHMADI (Al Ahmadi), city in Kuwait. 105 thousand inhabitants (1985). Oil refining, vodoopresnitelnye factories. A petroexport port of Al Ahmadi - Minael-Al Ahmadi.
  • AHMADIE (ahmadija, kadiani), the Muslim sect, is based in 1889 in Punjab by Mirzoj Gulamom Ahmad Kadiani whom adherents honor as the prophet and mahdi. Has over 1 million posledovatelej, primarily in Pakistan.
  • AHMADNAGAR, city in a western part of India, pieces. Maharashtra. 181 thousand inhabitants (1981). A cotton, tanning industry. It is based in 1494.
  • AHMADNAGAR, the state in India in 15 - 17 centuries with like capital.
  • AHMADULINA Bell (Isabella) Ahatovna (r. 1937), the Russian poetess. In collections "Catgut" (1962), " Lessons of music " (1970), "Candle" (1977), "Secret" (1983), "Garden" (1987; the State premium of the USSR, 1989) - to present tendency moral maximuses contemporary, to affirm " high build " showers; the slush metaphoricalness refined arhaichnost of a syllable. The book of transfers{translations} and original verses " Dreams about Georgia " (1977). An essay.
  • AHMAD-CHECK DURRANI (ok. 1721 - 73), the founder and a check (with 1747) the independent Afghani state (Durranijskoj the mandatory powers).
  • AHMANOV Alexander Sergeevich (1893-1957), the Russian philosopher, the lawyer, pupil B.P.Vysheslavtsev and I.A.Iljina. In 1922-46 ministered the legal adviser in official bodies, with 1947 - the teacher of the Moscow university and the Moscow regional pedagogical institute. Transactionses on logic.
  • AHMANOV Sergey Aleksandrovich (1929-91), Russian physics, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, one of osnovatelej nonlinear opticians. Transactionses on generation of supershort laser pulses, nonlinear laser spectroscopy, statistical radio physics and optician. The lenin premium (1970).
  • AHMAROV CHingiz Gabdurahmanovich (r. 1912), the Uzbek painter - sculptor of monuments, the national artist of Uzbekistan (1964). Rests on traditions of medieval Central Asian painting (paintings of foyer of Theatre with him{it}. Navoi in Tashkent, 1944-47). The state premium of the USSR (1948).
  • AHMAT, Ahmed (? - 1481), khan of the Major Horde (with 1465). Ahmed's unsuccessful marching to Moscow (see " on the Eel 1480) has reduced Stand in final discharging Russia of a mongolo-tatar yoke.
  • AHMATOVA (an ice-film. fam. Gorenko) Anna Andreevna (1889-1966), the Russian poetess. Bordered on to acmeism (collections "Evening", 1912, "are legible", 1914). An accuracy to the moral bases{fundamentals} of life, psychology of women feeling, understanding of nation-wide tragedies of 20 century, the conjugate with personal experiences, gravitation to classical style of poetic tongue in the collection " the Flight of time. Poems. 1909-1965 ". An autobiographical cycle of verses "Requiem mass" (1935-40; it is published 1987) about victims of repression of 1930th. In " to the Poem without the hero " (1940-1965, it is completely published 1976) - reconstruction of epoch of "siver age". Articles about A.S.Pushkin.
  • AHMATOVA Raisa Soltmuradovna (r. 1928), the Chechen poetess, the national poetess Checheno-Ingush ASSR (1977). Writes in the Chechen and Russian tongues; collections of lyrics and poems " I Go to thee " (1960), " the Copper defoliation " (1974), "Saddle-point" (1977), " the Dawn and mountains " (1981), "Confession" (1984).
  • AHMED (1806-55), the governor (bej) Tunis with 1837, from dynasty Husejnidov. Has reorganized on an european sample army and fleet, plotted factories, has discovered first in Tunis society educational institutions. In foreign policy has oriented by France.
  • AHMED JASAVI (ok. 1105-66), the Central Asian poet - sufy and the ecclesiast (see. Sufizm). The collection of mystical spiritual verses "Secret" (it is issued 1878), assignable Ahmed Jasavi, has exerted influence development tjurkojazychnoj poetry.
  • AHMEDOV Abdulla Ramazanovich (r. 1929), the Turkmen architect, the national architect of the USSR (1984), the full member AH (1988). The main{basic} activities (with co-authors): hostel of Intourist " Ashkhabad " (1967), band of a square. Turan, including the building of the library him{it}. Azadi (1969-74; the State premium of the USSR, 1976), - all in Ashkhabad.
  • AHMEDOV Rahim Ahmedovich (1924), the Uzbek painter, the national artist of the USSR (1981), corresponding member AH (1975). Genre portraits (" the Morning. A maternity ", 1962), landscapes, portraits ("Nabi Rakhimov", 1983).
  • AHMEDOV Jakub (r. 1938), the actor, the national actor of the USSR (1991). With 1959 at the Uzbek theatre of a drama him{it}. Hamzy. Acts in film. The state premium of the USSR (1977).
  • AHMEDOVA Frangiz JUsif kyzy (r. 1928), the Azerbaijan singer (soprano), the national actress of the USSR (1967). With 1951 at the Azerbaijan theatre of opera and ballet.
  • AHMET MIDHAT (Ahmet Midhat) (1844-1913), the turkish writer, the educator. Plays, transactionses on a history, philosophy. The founder of genres of the short story and the novel in the turkish literature. Historical and nravoopisatelnye novels "JAnychary" (1871), "Dancer" (1877), " the Girl with the diploma " (1889), "Mladoturok" (1908).
  • AHMET, city (with 1966) in Georgia, in Alazanskoj to a valley. 9 thousand inhabitants (1991). A flavoring industry. Biochemical factory, lesokombinat. A study of local lore museum.
  • AHMETELI Alexander (Sandro) Vasilyevich (1886-1937), the Georgian producer, the national actor of Georgia (1933). One of founders of the Georgian direction. With 1922 at the Georgian theatre him{it}. Rustaveli (in 1926-35 main producer). It is repressed; it is rehabilitated posthumously.
  • AHMETSKY RESERVATION, on B.Kavkaza's austral downslopes, in Georgia, is derivated in 1980 on the basis Batsara-Babaneurskogo reservation (1970). The area 16297 ga. One of the largest in the world of a yew family of groves (in Batsarskom a gorge), a mass of a zelkova.
  • AHO JUhani (an ice-film. Name Brufeldt) (1861-1921), the Finnish writer. The realistic story from national life " On postojalom a yard " (1884), the social - psychologic novel " the Daughter of the pastor " (1885), "Conscience" (1914), prosaic miniatures under the title "Shavings" (sb. 1-8, 1891-1921).
  • ACHOLIA (from and - a negative prefix and grech. chole - a gall), the arrest of receipt{entry} of a gall in an intestines, mostly at a corking of a general gall duct; results in yellows.
  • ACHONDROPLASIA (from and - a negative prefix and grech. chondros - a cartilage, plasis - formation) (chondrodystrophia), an inborn stagnation of bones of extremities at normal growth of a trunk, a neck and a head.
  • AHPAT, the Armenian medieval monastery (10-13 centuries) in a like torrent of area Tumanjanskogo. Main church Nshana (10 century) with sculptural plotting ktitorov (faces on which means the temple is constructed) outside and paintings of 13-14 centuries inside; Grigory's church (11 century, it rearranged{reconstructed} in 13 century) and church Astvatsatsin (12-13 centuries), gavity, a refectory, book depository, a belltower.
  • "AHRAM" ("Al-Ahram"), the daily egyptian newspaper, with 1875, Cairo.
  • AHREMCHIK Ivan Osipovich (1903-71), the Byelorussian painter, the national artist of Belarus (1949). Portraits, landscapes, theme patterns (" the Face of an enemy ", 1941, " Defence attorneys of the Brest strength ", 1957-58), monumental paintings.
  • ACHROMAT (from grech. achromatos - colourless), a lens in which the chromatic aberration is removed; it is applied in peed sights, binocularses, optical sights, etc.
  • AHROMEEV Sergey Fedorovich (1923-91), Marshal of Soviet Union (1983), the Hero of Soviet Union (1982). The participant of Great Domestic war. With 1974 deputy, with 1979 1-st deputy, in 1984-88 chief of the General Staff of Armed forces of the USSR - 1-st deputy minister of the defence of the USSR. With 1988 adviser of the chairman of Presidium VS of the USSR, since May 1989 adviser of chairman VS the USSR, since March 1990 adviser of the president of the USSR. The lenin premium (1980). After a fall of attempt of the coup d'etat attempted by State committee on state of emergency (GKCHP), has committed suicide.
  • AHRR (Association of artists of revolutionary Russia) (1922-32; with 1928 Association of artists of revolution, AHR), art association. For artists AHRR (I.I.Brodsky, A.M.Gerasimov, M.B.Grekov, B.V.Ioganson, E.A.Katsman, G.G.Rjazhsky) are characteristic development of traditions peredvizhnikov in new conditions, a historico-revolutionary theme.
  • AHSU, city (with 1967) in Azerbaijan, in 34 kms from zh.-d. An item. Kjurdamir. 15 thousand inhabitants (1991). A food-processing industry, etc.
  • AHTALA, a urban settlement in Armenia. A depot. 3,5 thousand inhabitants (1990). Production copper and complex ores. Bliz Ahtaly - medieval monastery Ahtala.
  • AHTAL, al-Ahtal (an ice-film. Name Gijas ibn Gaus at-Taglibi) (ok. 640 - ok. 710), the Arabian poet. Political poetry, panegyrics.
  • AHTAMAR, an island on an eskar. Van (nowadays in terrain of Turkey), a residence of Armenian tsars Artsrunidov (10-11 centuries). A unique monument of the Armenian medieval art of building - church over. The Cross (915-921, architect Manuel), decorated with frescos and stone carving; ruins of a port (10 century).
  • AHTANIZOVSKY the FIRTH, lake in delta of Kuban. 110 км2. In Ahtanizovsky the firth runs r. Cossack Erek - a water hose of Kuban. It is paired to the Azov m.
  • AHTANOV Tahavi (r. 1923), the Kazakh writer. Roman " Terrible days " (1956) about Great Domestic war, the story "Buran" (1963), the novel " Light of the locus " (1980). Stories, plays.
  • AFT PEAK (niderl. achterpiek), a marginal stern room of a vessel for a storage of a deposit of moisture, a water ballast.
  • STERN FRAME (niderl. achtersteven), a stern of a vessel (prolongation of a fin) by the way frames. A support for a control surface, and on a single screw ship - and for the feed extremity of a propeller shaft.
  • AHTISAARI (Ahtisaari) Maarti (r. 1937), the president of Finland with 1994.
  • AKHTUBA, the left-handed water hose of the lower Volga, departs from it{her} above Volgograd, runs into its{her} water hose Buzan. 537 kms. Average discharge of water 143 m3 / with. Between Volga and Akhtuba - Volgo-Ahtubinskaja a bottom land, area of a vegetable raising and a melon production.
  • AHTUBINSK, city (with 1959) in the Russian Federation. The Astrakhan region, landing stage on Akhtuba. Depot (Vladimirovka). 50,8 thousand inhabitants (1992). Sudostroitelno-repair, a food-processing industry.
  • AHTYRKA, city on Ukraine, the Sumy region. A depot. 52,0 thousand inhabitants (1991). Factories: an agricultural machine industry, a hospital furniture, etc.; mild, a flavoring industry. It is based in 1641. In area Ahtyrki a crude production and gas.
  • AHULGO, a village in the Sowing. Dagestan, being reinforced residence SHamilja during the Caucasian war 1817 - 64. Since June, 13 1839 gortsy led by SHamilem stojko maintained in Ahulgo osadu Russian troops under a command of general P.H.Grabbe. Only on August, 22 Russian troops as a result of bloody storm have taken possession Ahulgo, but separate crocked eggs in a village went even a week. SHamil with mjuridami has broken to the Chechen Republic.
  • AHUN, a mountain on Caucasus, bliz Sochi. 663 m. a 30-meter sight tower.
  • AHUNBABAEV (up to 1975 settlements. Sufikishlak), city in Uzbekistan, the Andizhan region. Depot (Grunchmazar). 11,7 thousand inhabitants (1991). A ginnery, manufacture of a building materials. It is called named Uzbek political figure J.Ahunbabaeva.
  • AHUNDOV Mirza Fatali (1812-78), the Azerbaijan writer - educator, the philosopher. In comedies " Molla Ibragim Halil, the alchemist " (1850), " Musje Jordan, botanik " (1851), " Hadzhi the Kar " (1852), in stories " Flamed asters " (1857) realistically figured the modern to him the Azerbaijan real; in philosophical compositions - problems of knowledge and criticism of religion. Has exerted influence development of public idea of peoples of the Near East.
  • AHUNDOV Sulejman Sledge (1875-1939), the Azerbaijan writer, the playwright. Satirical stories; plays " the Falcon nest " (1921), "Devil" (1922) about revolutionary rise of peasantry; fairy tales.
  • AHUNOV Garif (Garifzjan) Ahunzjanovich (r. 1925), the tatar writer. Novels "Klad" (1963), "Hosts" (1968), " the Daughter of Volga " (1978), the plays dedicated workers Tatarii.
  • AHURAMAZDA, the supreme god in zoroastrizme. Olitsetvorenie the kind beginning.
  • AHTSU, a backbone in austral part Zap. Caucasus. An altitude up to 1124 m. It is cut by a gorge r. Mzymta. Broad-leaved, a beech family and firry woods.
  • AHSHARUMOV Dmitry Dmitrievich (1823-1910), petrashevets. Son D.I.Ahsharumova. The adherent of propagation of national revolution. It is sentenced to 4 years arestantskih companies, with 1851 private soldier on Caucasus. Since 1860th the health officer. Memories " Records petrashevtsa ".
  • AHSHARUMOV Dmitry Ivanovich (1785-1837), the Russian military historian, the general - major (1820). The participant of wars with France and Turkey in 1806-14. The writer (1819) first extending activities on Domestic war 1812.

  • ATSETABULJARIJA, a stem of green algae. Ok. 20 kinds{views}, in tropical and subtropical seas. Due to a huge resistant nucleus atsetabuljarija - classical object of cytologic probes (interaction of a nucleus and a cytoplasm, replanting of a nucleus).
  • ACETIC ALDEHYDE (acetaldehyde), СН3СНО, a colourless liquid with a sharp aroma, tкип = 20,2 °S. Raw material in an acetification, acetic anhydride, pentaerythritol.
  • ACETANILIDE, С6Н5NНСОСН3, colourless crystals, tпл = 114,3 °S. Intermediate in synthesis of dyes and medicinal preparations (streptocides).
  • ACETATE CELLULOSE (cellulose acetate), [C6H7O2 (OH) 3-x (OCOCH3) h] n, a product of interaction of cellulose with acetic anhydride, an acetyl chloride or ketene; a solid matter of a white. It is thermoplastic, non-combustible. It is applied in manufacture of an acetate cellulose fiber, plastics materials (see. Etroly), cine films, etc.
  • ACETATE CELLULOSE FIBERS, the synthetic fibers moulded from solutions of triacetate (cellulose triacetate fibre) and a product of his{its} partial saponification (naturally acetate cellulose fibers). Mild, elastic, crinkle a little, drop ultraviolet rays; a limitation: low-level toughness, low termo-and wear-resistance, the considerable static characteristic. Are applied primarily in production of national consumption, napr. A constant wear garment. World production ok. 610 thousand t.
  • ACETATES (from an armour. acetum - vinegar), esters of acetic acid or her{it} salt; ethers - colourless liquids, many of which have an odor of colours or fruits; salt - crystalline matters. Ethers apply as odorous substances and to synthesis of polymers (napr., vinyl acetate), salt - as mordant at a staining of tissues, etc.
  • ACETYLENE, NS - SN, colourless gas, tкип = 84,1 °S. Receive from natural gases or a calcium - carbide. Raw material for synthesis of vinyl chloride, acrylonitrile, acetic aldehyde, vinyl acetate, etc.; combustible at a weldment and metal cutting.
  • ACETYL CHLORIDE, СН3СОСl, a colourless liquid with a sharp aroma, tкип = 51,8 °S. Apply to introduction in organic compounds of group SN3SO (acetylation), napr., in manufacture of medicinal preparations.
  • ACETYLCHOLIN, СН3СООСН2СН2N (СН3) 3, a mediator (transmitter) of nervous exaltation for many Invertebrata and for vertebrates. At receipt{entry} in blood depresses a blood pressure, retards palpitation, enhances{strengthens} a peristaltics of a stomach and guts, etc.
  • CELLULOSE ACETATE, the same, that acetate cellulose.
  • ACETONE, СН3СОСН3, a colourless liquid, tкип = 56,1 °S. Raw material for synthesis of many important chemical products; the solvent, napr., in manufacture of varnishes, explosive and medicinal substances.
  • ACETONITRILE, СН3CN, a colourless liquid, tкип = 81,6 °S. The good solvent, napr., for many salts of inorganic acids; extragent.
  • ETHYL-ACETOACETATE, СН3СОСН2 - СООС2Н5, a colourless liquid with an odor of fruits, tкип = 181 °S (is in part decomposed). Raw material in manufacture of pharmaceuticals (napr., pyramidon, a quinacrine, vitamin В1), azo dyes, acids and ketones.
  • ACIDIMETRY, see. Alkalimeter and an acidimetry.
  • ACIDOSIS (from an armour. acidus - sour), alteration of acid-base equilibrium in an organism aside relative increase of quantity of anions of acids.
  • ACIDOPHILIN, the sour-milk beverage received by fermentation of milk by acidophilous organisms (bacteria).
  • ACIDOPHILOUS ORGANISMS (from an armour. acidus - sour and grech. phileo - I like), are capable to exist{breathe} in conditions of the considerable acidity of medium. Napr., acetic and lactic asid bacteria, from higher plants - a sphagnum, a heather, a lupin, etc.
  • ACIDOFUGES (from an armour. acidus - sour and grech. phobos - pavor), do not tolerate the considerable acidity and develop only in neutral{inert} or an alkaline condition. Napr., urobakterii, from higher plants - beet, lucerne, a bean.
  • ACYCLIC CONNECTIONS, the same, that aliphatic compounds.
  • ACYLATION, introduction in molecules organic and inorganic compounds of acyl group (acela) - the rest{remainder} of a carboxylic acid, napr. Acetyl СН3С (О) (acetylation), benzoyl С6Н5С (О) (benzoylation). It is used for obtaining, napr., an acetate cellulose fiber, dyes.
  • ACINUS (from an armour. acinus - a berry, a cluster), 1) a tip secretory department of an acinous gland (napr., salivary, milk), call also as an adenomere. 2) the Primary base unit of a lung consisting of a terminal bronchiole, alveolar courses emanating from it{her} with alveolas relating nymas.
  • AZTECS (asteki, naua), American Indian people in Mexico. 1,2 million person (1992). Tongue atsteksky. Believers - roman catholics. Till 16 century in terrain of the modern Mexico there was a state of aztecs with capital in Tenochtitlane. Aztecs have created a civilization deleted by spanish conquerors in 16 century.
  • ATSTEKSKY TONGUE (nauatl), falls into tano-atstekskoj to family of American Indian tongues. In 14-16 centuries the iconic letter, since 16 century - on the basis of latin schedules{charts}.
  • ACHARJAN Rachija Akopovich (1876-1953), the Armenian philologist, academician AN of Armenia (1943). Probes on the Armenian tongue (to dialectology, leksikologii, lexicographies, histories of tongue), to comparative-historical grammar and general linguistics.
  • ACHEBE (Achebe) CHinua (r. 1930), the nigerian writer. In the creativity noted by features of realism, - most acute problems of political and cultural life of the modern Africa. Novels " Also there has come destruction " (1958), " Dormancy no " (1960), " the Boom of the god " (1964), " the Person from people " (1966) more. The collection of stories " Girls on war " (1973). Verses. Publicism.
  • ACHEM (the self-title - achim, akim), people in Ghana. Number of 650 thousand person (1992). Tongue chvi (tvi). Hold on to traditional convictions, a part - protesters, roman catholics.
  • ACHEH (ache, achiny), people in Indonesia, in a north about. Sumatra. Ok. 3 million person (1992). Live also in Malaysia. Tongue achehsky. Believers - moslems - sunnity.
  • ACHINSK, city (with 1782) in the Russian Federation, Krasnoyarsk kr., landing stage on r. Chulym. A railway junction. 122 thousand inhabitants (1992). Petroleum refinery, aluminous combine; alimentary, a light industry. A study of local lore museum. Theatre. It is based in 1682.

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