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  • ANTANTA (frants. Entente, characters. - the consent) (" the Triple consent "), the union of the Great Britain, France and Russia; it was issued in 1904-07 and has aggregated during 1-st world war against the German coalition more than 20 states (among them the USA, Japan, Italy).
  • ANTANTA BALKAN, the union of Greece, Romania, Turkey and Yugoslavia; it is encased in Athenes in 1934 with the purpose of conservation of the correlation of forces which have usually after 1-st world war on the Balkans. 2-n world war has put an end to existence Balkan antanty.
  • ANTANTA SMALL, in 1920-38 unit of Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia; a main link in system of political-military alliances bolstered by France in Europe in 1920-30-Õ.
  • ANTANTA MEDITERRANEAN, a political group in structure of the Great Britain, Austria-Hungary and Italy, usual in 1887; it has been directed against Russia and France. Has lost the value after intensifying in kon. 19 century of opposition of the Great Britain and Germany.
  • ANTARA, national news agency of Indonesia. It is based in 1937, Jakarta.
  • ANTARA IBN SHADDAD (525-615), the Arabian poet. Verses on battles in which participat Antara ibn SHaddad, love lyrics. The hero of the national novel which is going back to of 12 century, - " Life and exploits Antary ".
  • ANTARIKSHA (sanskr. An airspace), in old indian submissions about universe - an orb between heaven and earth, gap-filling amaurosises of clouds and clouds.
  • ANTARCTIC, the austral polar range of a terrestrial globe including Antarctica and accumbent epines to her Atlantic, Indian and Quiet ok. With Weddell seas, Rossa, Amundsena, Bellinsgauzena, etc., and also islands superjacent in subantarctic waters: JUzh. George, JUzh. Sandvichevy, JUzh. Orknejskie, JUzh. SHetlendskie, etc. The Border{Limit} of Antarctic Region passes within the limits of 48-60 °ju. sh. The area ok. 52,5 million êì2. Antarctic Region - the most inclement range of the Earth with low air temperatures, strong winds, snow storms and fogs{mists}. The mainland and neighboring islands have a liner glaciation. In subantarctic areas mean temperatures of the warmest month 10 °S, the most cool from 0 up to-10 °S. On islands - the tundra vegetation, is a lot of birds. In structure of sea fauna - whales, Pinnipedia. In 1959 the International treaty about Antarctic Region which determines the modern legal status of Antarctic Region, use of Antarctic Region only in the nonpredatory purposes and freedom of scientific probes is encased.
  • ANTARCTIC RAMP, ancient, primarily dokembrijskaja, a ramp occupying a large part of Antarctica. Eastern part of the Antarctic ramp will consist from verhnearhejskogo the base (gneises, crystalline slates, migmatites, granites with intrusions of a gabbro - anortozitov, charnokitov and nefelinovyh sienitov) and a sedimental volva (osadochno-vulkanogennye formations of the upper Proterozoic - the lower Paleozoic, terrigene adjournments with sillami trappov mean - the upper Paleozoic). Surburbs of the Antarctic ramp (a western part) - drevnekaledonskaja a slab with a volva of terrigene and carboniferous adjournments gondvanskogo type (mean - the upper Paleozoic).
  • ANTARCTIC OASES, the ice-free epines of Antarctica having character of polar deserts. Are sectioned on sample, or prishelfovye, coastal and mountain. The area from several tens up to hundreds êì2 (oasis Bangera 952 êì2). In antarctic oases the majority of polar scientific stations is located.
  • ANTARCTIC ANTICYCLONE, stationary value range of a heightened atmospheric pressure above Antarctica.
  • ANTARCTIC BELT, austral natural belt of the Earth. Actuates Antarctica and accumbent islands.
  • ANTATSIDNYE the MEANS (from anti... And an armour. acidus - sour), the medicinal substances neutralizing muriatic acid of a gastric juice (napr., at a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum).
  • ANTWERP (Anver) (flam. Antwerpen, frants. Anvers), city in Belgium, an administrative centre prov. Antwerp. One of the largest ports of the world (annual freight turnover ok. 90 million ò) on r. Schelde, bliz Boreal m. of 468 thousand inhabitants (1991, with suburbs 920 million inhabitants). A large trading - financial and main industrial centre of country. A machine industry, nonferrous machine industry, chemical, oil refining, etc. an industry; the world centre of a bezeling of diamonds and trade in brilliants. Museums of fine arts, artistic - historical. Rubens dwelling. Games of VII Olympic (1920). To 2-nd floor. 16 century first on value in Europe the centre of trade and the credit. Pozdnegotichesky a cathedral (14 - nach. 17 centuries), the clasp of Walls (it rearranged{reconstructed} in 16 century).
  • ANTEJ, in the Grecian mythology a giant, the master of Libya, the son of god Posejdona and the goddess of ground Gays. Was invincible, while adjoined to mother - ground. It is strangled Geraklom, separated it{him} from ground.
  • ANTEKLIZA, extensive (hundreds in km in a diameter) cavicorn anticline raising of layers of earth crust within the limits of ramps.
  • ANTELAMI (Antelami) Benedetto (ok. 1150 - ok. 1230), the italian sculptor and the architect. The representative of a Romanesque style. Construction (with 1196) and sculptural decoras of a baptistery in Parma.
  • "ANTENNAS - 2" (Antenne-2), a state TV schedule of France. It is based in 1963, Paris. Financing at the expense of an abonent pay, advertising and public subsidies. Broadcasting implements round the clock. Art, political drives and news.
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