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  • BADGERS MAJOR AND SMALL, sand deserts northward from the Aral m., in Kazakhstan. B.Barsuki in length ok. 200 kms, M.Barsuki - ok. 100 kms.
  • BADGERS Valery Leonidovich (1928-92), the Russian geochemist, the academician of the Russian Academy of Science (1991; academician AN the USSR with 1987). Transactionses on a geochemistry of processes rudoobrazovanija, magmatic breeds and lunar soils.
  • BARSUKOVY, the Russian historians, brothers: 1) Alexander Platonovich (1844-1914). Transactionses on a genealogy and histories of the Russian nobility... 2) Ivan Platonovich (1841-1906), arheograf. Transactionses on a history of Russian church... 3) Nikolay Platonovich (1838-1906). Transactionses under the bibliography, arheografii and historiography, old russian writing. The main{basic} composition - " Life and M.P.Pogodin transactionses " (t. 1-22).
  • BART (Barth) Genrih (1821-65), the german historian, the philologist, the geographer - traveller. In 1850-55 participant of expedition Dzh. Richardson to Africa; doubly has crossed Sahara. In 1858-64 probeed Balkan p-ov and M.Aziju. Transactionses on a history of peoples the Sowing. And Center. Africa.
  • BART (Barth) John Simmons (r. 1930), the American writer. The adventurous - parody novel " Kozlojunosha Dzhajlz " (1966), a grotesque epopee "Chimera" (1972), the novel of "Letter" (1979) - prose of " black humour "; transmit attitude of nonsense and social nihilism. Roman " Day otdohnovenja " (1982).
  • BART (Barth) Charles (1886-1968), the Swiss Protestant theologian, one of osnovatelej dialectic theology. The adherent of Christian socialism, the inspirer of Christian resistance to a hitlerite mode.
  • BART (Barthes) Rolan (1915-80), the French culturologist of a semiotics direction (see. A semiology, Structuralism). The explorer of tongues of the literature, a mode, advertising, a photo, the writer of books of "Mythology" (1957), " System of a mode " (1967), "S/Z" (1970), " Fragments of a love discourse " (1977), " the Chamber lutsida " (1980).
  • BART (Barth) Thomas Fredrik Vejbej (1899-1971), the Norwegian petrographer and the geochemist. Transactionses on genesis of rocks, volcanologies, to geochemical cycles.
  • BARTANG (on the average flow Murghab, in upper - Oksu), the river on Pamir, in Tadjikistan (verhovje in Afghanistan), dextral in-leak{influx} Pjandzha. 528 kms, the area of basin of 24,7 thousand êì2. Average discharge of water 128 m3 / with. On Bartange - SHudzhanskaja a river plant.
  • BARTANGTSY, one of pripamirskih peoples.
  • BARTELEMI (Barthelemy) Ogjust (1796-1867), the French poet - satirist. In iroikomicheskih poems "Jesuits" (1826), " Rome in Paris " (1827) ridiculed a royal yard and church.
  • BARTELS Iogann Martin Christians (Martin Fedorovich) (1769-1836), the Russian mathematician, corresponding member Petersburg AN (1826). The German by origin. In 1808-20 professor Kazan, with 1820 - Derptskogo universities. Transactionses on a function theory and an analytical geometry.
  • BARTENEV Victor Ivanovich (1838-1918), the Russian revolutionary, in 1870 member - founder and the secretary of Russian section of 1-st Internatsionala. In 1872 has returned to Russia, with 1874 ministered on railways.
  • BARTENEV Peter Ivanovich (1829-1912), the Russian historian, arheograf. The founder and the editor of the log-book " Russian archive ". Publications of documents on a political, cultural and military history of Russia of 18-19 centuries.
  • BARTENEV (Bronevskaja) Ekaterina Grigorjevna (1843-1914), Russian revoljutsionerka, the publicist. Wi V.I.Bartenev. The member - founder of Russian section of 1-st Internatsionala, in 1871 participant of the Commune of Paris. In 1889 one of secretaries of 1-st congress of 2-nd Internatsionala. Articles on a working problem.
  • BARTER (from English barter - commodity exchange), the agreement of an exchange of fixed quantity of the goods (goods) on equivalent quantity at cost of other goods, i.e. without a cash drawdown (national or currency).
  • BARTINI Robert Ljudvigovich (1897-1974), the aircraft designer. Was born in Italy, in the USSR with 1923. Has developed and has created over 10 experimental and prototype airplanes. Transactionses on aerodynamics, theoretical physics.
  • BARTLETT (Bartlett) Nile (r. 1932), the American chemist - neorganik. The main{basic} transactionses on chemistry of connections with atoms in exotic oxidation states. First synthesized (1962) true chemical combination of rare gas - XePtF6.
  • BARTO Agnija Lvovna (1906-81), the Russian writer. Collections " Verses to children " (1949), " Behind colours in a winter wood " (1970). The prosaic book " To find the person " (1968) about searches of families of children who are were lost during Great Domestic war. The book of " the Note of the nursery poet " (1976). The lenin premium (1972), the State premium of the USSR (1950).
  • BARTOK (Bartok) It is white (1881-1945), the Hungarian composer, the pianist, the musical specialist in folklore. In products{creations} Bartoka elements national melosa with the modern methods of the letter combine{blend}. Opera " the Clasp of duke the Blue Beard " (1918), ballets " Wooden prince " (1917), " the Wonderful mandarin " (1926; all - dates of production), tool{instrument} concerts, nursery pedagogical repertoir. Transactionses on a technique of the musical education.

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