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  • BARANAUSKAS (Baranauskas) Antanas (1835-1902), the Lithuanian poet and jazykoved. Diocesan. In a poem " Anikshchjajsky the milletgrass " (1859, the issuing 1860-61) has sung of amenities of nature and an intellectual wealth of people. First Lithuanian dialektolog, the creator of the Lithuanian grammar nomenclature.
  • BARANAUSKAS (Baranauskas) Antanas (1835-1902), the Lithuanian poet and jazykoved. Diocesan. In a poem " Anikshchjajsky the milletgrass " (1859, the issuing 1860-61) has sung of amenities of nature and an intellectual wealth of people. First Lithuanian dialektolog, the creator of the Lithuanian grammar nomenclature.
  • BARANETSKY (Joseph) Vasilyevich (1843-1905), the Russian physiologist of plants, corresponding member Petersburg AN (1897) Has got hoarse. The main transactionses on the osmotic phenomena and a guttation for plants, to problems of a photosynthesis. Has proved a symbiotic nature of lichens (1867, together with A.S.Famintsynym).
  • BARANI (Barany) Robert (1876-1936), Austrian otorinolaringolog. Transactionses on physiology and a pathology of a vestibular apparatus, methods of his probe and surgical treatment. The Nobel Prize (1914).
  • The MUTTON PEAS, the same, that a chick pea.
  • BARANNIKOV Alexander Ivanovich (1858-83), the revolutionary populist. The member " the Earth and will ", executive committee " National will ", the participant of attempts at Alexander II. In 1882 it is sentenced to irredeemable penal servitude. Has died in Peter and Paul kpeposti.
  • BARANNIKOV Alexey Petrovich (1890-1952), the Russian philologist, academician AN the USSR (1939). Transactionses on medieval and new indian tongues, the old indian literature, tongue, a household activities, folklore and a history of study the gipsy.
  • RAMS Alexander Andreevich (1746-1819), the first main governor of Russian settlements in America (1790-1818). Has placed business relations with California, the Hawaiian islands, China.
  • RAMS Vadim Iljich (r. 1930), the Russian literary critic, the Doctor of Philology (1974), the professor (1979). The main orb of interests - a history of the Soviet literature of 20 century. Books: " To be on ground the person. About the literature of our days " (1966), " Revolution and destiny of the artist. A.Tolstoj and his path to socialist realism " (1967), " Time - thought - a mode. Articles about the Soviet literature " (1973), " To reach essence: 70th in the literature " (1980), " Fire and ash a boon. M.Gorky. Creative search and destiny " (1990), etc.
  • RAMS Vladimir Iljich (1892-1972), Russian radiogeohimik, one of creators of applied radiogeology. The honored worker of science of Russia (1935). Transactionses on study of a radioactivity of natural waters, soils and rocks. The founder of a method of a microradiography. The state premium of the USSR (1950).
  • RAMS Vladimir Jurjevich (r. 1939), Russian physics, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science (1991; corresponding member AN the USSR with 1990). The main transactionses on plasma physics, a solid-state physics, biophysics. The state premium of the USSR (1982).
  • RAMS Nikolay Varfolomeevich (1909-89), the Russian architect, the national architect of the USSR (1972), the full member AH the USSR (1979). In 1938-50 chief architect of Leningrad, one of writers of designs of the Master plan of development of city, of some buildings and bands (a square. Lenina with the building of the Finnish passenger depot, 1943-60). Transactionses on town-planning. The state premium of the USSR (1979).
  • RAMS Paul Aleksandrovich (1892-1962), Russian botanik, corresponding member AN the USSR (1943). Transactionses on structural botany, an embryology, a plant ecology, a history of botany.
  • RAMS Peter Ionovich (1892-1933), military and the statesman. During the Civil war took different command positions in Red Army. Since January 1932 deputy narkoma a basic industry and the chief of Headquarters of an aircraft industry of the National Commissariat of a basic industry. One of organizers of mean technical and maximum air education in the USSR. Has perished in fatal flight accident.
  • RAMS Feodor Iljich (1886-1965), the Russian scientist, the doctor technical sciences. Has based engineering school of commercial fishery, has created the theory of an optimum catch with allowance for prirodoohranitelnyh factors on the basis of which the modern regulations of fishery adopted in all countries with a developed fishery are developed.
  • BARANOVA the ISLAND (Sitka), in arh. Alexander (the USA, pieces. Alaska). 4,2 thousand êì2. An altitude up to 1432 m. Coniferous forests. Fishery, a logging area. The main occupied point and a port - Sitka. It is called named A.A.Baranova.
  • BARANOVICH Lazarus (ok. 1620-93), the Ukrainian tserkovno-political figure, the writer. The adherent of recombination of Ukraine with Russia, at the same time settled independence of the Ukrainian clergy of the Moscow patriarch. With 1657 Chernigov archbishop; has based a printing house.
  • BARANOVICHI, city (with 1919) in Belarus, the Brest region. A railway junction. 166,7 thousand inhabitants (1991). Mild (a cotton software; knitted, sewing, boot factories), alimentary (meat, canning, etc.) an industry. A machine industry (factories: automobile units, automatic transfer lines, stankoprinadlezhnostej, etc.). Manufacture of a building materials, products of household chemical goods, toys, art items, etc. The Study of local lore museum. Has arisen in 70th of 19 century.
  • RAMS - ROSSINE Vladimir Davidovich (1888-1942), the Russian and French artist. From 1925 cable cores in Paris. Searches in spirit kubofuturizma have reduced it in 1913 from painting in building a driving sculpture. Having become one of founders of a kinetic movement, developed in 1920th also principles of a son of lumiere, having constructed klavir "opto-fonik". Has perished in fascist concentration camp.
  • BARANOVSKY Vladimir Stepanovich (1846-79), the Russian inventor. Son S.I.Baranovsky. Has created (1872-75) 2,5-inch rapid-fire pappus with the unitary cartridge, etc. Has perished at test of the cartridge.
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