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  • BRAHIKEFALIJA (from brahi... And grech. kephale - a head) (brachycephaly), in anthropology such ratio of length and width of a head at which the width compounds more than 0,81 lengths. The attribute is used in rasovedenii. Compare. Mezokefalija, Dolihokefalija.
  • BRAHIMORFNOST (from brahi... And grech. morphe - a kind, the form), in anthropology - phylum of proportions of a body of the person, defined by a broad trunk and short extremities. Compare. Mezomorfnost, Dolihomorfnost.
  • BRACHIOPODS, the same, that Brachiopoda.
  • BRAHMA, in brahmanizme one of 3 maximum gods, the god - creator, the creator of the Universe and all real. Cult Brahmy practically misses. It is routinely figured chetyrehlikim, chetyrehrukim, sitting on an orache.
  • BRAHMAVARTA, sacred country vedizma and brahmanizma, built by gods ". Was between rivers Sarasvati and Drishadvati.
  • BRAHMAGUPTA (Bramagupta) (ok. 598-660), indian mathematician and the astronomer. The main composition " Improved doctrine Brahmy " ("Brahmasphutasiddhanta", 628) which considerable proportion is dedicated arithmetic and algebra.
  • BRAHMALOKA, in mythology induizma the upper root, the world of gods. Places above a mythical mountain the Measure.
  • BRAHMAN, 1) one of central concepts of indian philosophy and religion induizma, the space spiritual beginning, impersonal absoljut, basing all existing. Had different explanations: from a completeness of every possible definitions up to lishennosti any opredeljaemosti, from sameness with the separate godhood before denial of a capability of sameness with something concrete... 2) the Member of the maximum hieratic caste.
  • BRAHMANDA (sanskr. Ovum Brahmy), in mythology brahmanizma the universe which has arisen from initial eggs.
  • BRAHMANIZM, 2-n a stage (1 thousand up to n. e.) formations of indian religion - induizma, developed as a result of the adaptation to vedicheskoj religions indoarijskih nations of aboriginal cults of the indian autochthonous population. Supreme gods - Brahma, Vishnu and SHiva, a major role played animisticheskie submissions, a cult of ancestors. The composite sacramental committed brahmanami, planing ceremonial regulation of life, ascetical exploits were considered as a means providing under the law karmy the best incarnating showers (sansara) and final discharging of a circuit of degenerations.
  • BRAHMANY, 1) one of the maximum castes in India, by origin - ancient estate (varna) sacrificers. Sources of existence of the majority brahmanov are connected not to a religious cult, and with a landholding, a public service and pr... 2) Old indian sacred books (8-6 centuries up to n. e.), adding Vedy and descriptions keeping in main and explanations of sacramental vedicheskoj religions.
  • BRAHMAPUTRA (Bramaputra), the river in China, India, Bangladesh, on stray patches calls Matsang, TSangpo (in Tibet), Dihang (in a place of outbreak of Brahmaputra through a Himalaya), Dzhamuna (to Bangladesh). 2900 kms, the area of basin of 935 thousand êì2 (before interflow to Ganges and Meghnoj 506 thousand êì2). Weeps on the south of plateau of Tibet, through a Himalaya; in a lower reaches - on plain Gangskoj. Runs into the Bengal hall., derivating with Ganges and Meghnoj general delta (over 80 thousand êì2). Average discharge of water of 12 thousand m3 / with. A high runoff in the summer; there are floods. It is navigable on 1290 kms from a mouth (in Tibet - on stray patches).
  • BRAHMACHARIN, in ancient India - the pupil investigator vedy; first Ashram in life an aria.
  • BRAHMI, one of the most ancient versions of the indian syllabic letter, arisen in 3 century up to n. e. To brahmi the majority of the modern kinds of the letter of India and Indochina ascends.
  • BRAHMO SAMADZH (Society Brahmy), a religious - reformatory educational society in Bengal (the British India), founded in 1828 R.Raem.
  • BRAHUI TONGUE (bragui tongue), falls into dravidijskim to tongues. Writing on the basis of Arabian schedules.
  • BRACH (Brac), an island in the Adriatic m., in structure Dalmatinskih of islands, in Croatia. 396 êì2. An altitude up to 778 m. The Mediterranean bushes. Seaside resorts.
  • BRACHNOST in a demography, frequency of the introduction into spoilage. It is routinely measured by figure of registered marriages for year on 1000 inhabitants or figure married for year on 1000 unmarried (unmarried) brakosposobnogo age. Outcome brachnosti - figure married.
  • The AGE OF MARRIAGE, statutory minimum age of the introduction into spoilage. In Russia the age of marriage for men and women 18 flying. In unusual cases drop of the age of marriage on 1 or on 2 years is supposed.
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