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  • GILMORE (Gilmore) Mary (1865-1962), the australian poetess. Lyrical verses on love and home life, verses on people of transactionses and extirpation for the social justice. Collections " Passion heart " (1918), " the Feral swan " (1930), " For Rhodinum Australia " (1945).
  • GILOZOIZM (from grech. hyle - a matter and zoe - life), philosophical doctrine about overall odushevlennosti matters; the term is entered into 17 century. R.Kedvortom. Gilozoizm it is characteristic for early ancient greek philosophy (ionijskaja school, Empedokl), partly stoicism, for naturalistic philosophy of Renaissance (B.Telezio, Dzh. Bruno, T.Paracelsus), of some the French materialists of 18 century, including. D.Didro, F.Schelling physiophilosophical school, etc.
  • GILREJ (Dzhilrej) (Gillray) James (1757-1815), the English schedule. Rude - grotesque, sometimes the colored caricatures on the English aristocracy, Napoleon I, etc.
  • GILFORD (Guilford) Dzhoj the Floor (r. 1897), the American psychologist. Has developed methods of a factor analysis of the intelligence, widely used in the USA in 1950-60-Õ for diagnosis of creative capabilities of engineers and science officers.
  • GILBERT, unit of a magnetic potential difference in C.G.S. to a system of units (symmetrical) and C.G.S.M. It is called named U.Gilberta. It is meant Gb. 1 Gb = 0,796 And.
  • GILBERT (Hilbert) (Hilbert) David (1862-1943), german mathematician, foreign corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science (1922) and foreign honorary member AN the USSR (1934). Conviction is characteristic for creativity of Hilbert in unity of mathematical science, in unity of mathematics and natural sciences. Transactionses of Hilbert have rendered major influence on development of many sections of mathematics in which he worked (the theory of invariants, the theory of algebraic numbers, the groundings of mathematics, a mathematical logic, a calculus of variations, differential and integral equations, a number theory, mathematical physics).
  • GILBERT (Gilbert) (Gilbert) William (1544-1603), English physics and the doctor. In transactionses " About a magnet, magnetic bodies and about a major magnet - the Earth " (1600) for the first time has in succession considered the magnetic and many electrical phenomena.
  • GILVIK (Gijevik) (Guillevic) Ezhen (r. 1907), the French poet. The participant of movement of Resistance. Tragical attitude, antibourgeois fervor in collections " From water and clay " (1942), "Writ of execution" (1947), " Taste of the world " (1951). Philosophical meditation about time and a debt of the person in collections "Together" (1966), " the Duct. Poems. 1965-1975 " (1979), " the Layer pad of a line " (1987).
  • GILGAMESH, polulegendarnyj the governor Uruk in Sumer (27-26 centuries up to n. e.). In shumerskih epicheskih songs of 3-rd thousand up to n. e. And a major poem kon. 3-rd - nach. 2-nd thousand up to n. e. Friendship Gilgamesha with feral person Enkidu, wanderings Gilgamesha in searches of secret of immortality is described. The legend about Gilgameshe was distributed also for hettov, hurritov, etc.
  • GILDEBRAND, see. Grigory VII.
  • GILDEBRAND À., see Hildebrand And.
  • GILDEBRAND (Hildebrand) (Hildebrand) Bruno (1812-78), the german economist and statisticians, foreign corresponding member Petersburg AN (1872). One of osnovatelej historical school in political economy.
  • GILDEBRAND-GILDEBRANDSON (Hildebrand-Hildebrandson) (Hildebrand-Hildebrandsson) Gugo (1838-1925), the Swedish meteorologist, foreign corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science (1917; foreign corresponding member Petersburg AN with 1907). Probeed general atmosphere circulation, the form and motion of clouds, etc.
  • GILDEJSKIE SCHOOLS, the initial and heightened schools forming in cities Zap. Europe in 13-14 centuries merchant guilds. In 15-16 centuries, having drained with shop schools, went in management of urban controls.
  • GILDENSHTEDT (Gjuldenshtedt) Iogann Antonovich (1745-81), the Russian scientist and the traveller, the academician Petersburg AN (1771). By origin the German; with 1768 in Russia. The participant of expeditions AN 1768-74. The writer of the diaries keeping an extensive geographycal, biological and ethnographic material across Caucasus and Ukraine.
  • GILDESGEJMSKY KLAD, 69 Roman silver vessels with relief plotting, other antique things retrieved in 1868 for. Gildesgejm (Hildesheim, Hildesheim, Germany).
  • GUILDS (from a nem. Gilde - corporation), in Zap. To Europe in the season of an early Middle Ages different associations - aid-giving behaviors, religious, political; in 12-15 centuries of corporation of merchants (in England also handicraftsmen, operations), shadowing interests of the members, dobivavshiesja legal and customs privileges. In Russia guilds existed in 18 century - 1917 as class associations of merchants. Privileged gildejskoe the merchant class was divided (with 1775) on the dimensions of the capital into three guilds.
  • GILEN (Giljen Cambrics) (Guillen Batista) Nicolas (1902-89), the cuban poet. Lyrics Giljena which has mirrored his anti-fascist and antimilitarist views, is close to cuban folklore. Collections " Songs for soldiers and sony for tourists " (1937), " Spain. A poem about four griefs and one hope " (1937), " All mine " (1964), " the Major menagerie " (1967). Publicistic books " Sketchy prose. 1929-1972 " (t. 1-3, 1975-1976). The international Lenin premium (1954).
  • GILEN (Guillen) Horhe (1893-1984), the spanish poet. The representative t. n. " Generations 1927 years ". With 1938 in emigration in the USA. The verses developing neoklassicheskie the tendencies (collections of "Canticle", 1925, it was supplemented down to 1950; "Maremagnum", 1957; " At the altitude circumstances ", 1963). Transactionses on a history and poetics of the spanish literature.
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