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  • LIPKIN Semen Izrailevich (r. 1911), the Russian poet, a translator. In verses (the collection "Eyewitness", 1967, " the Writing-book of life ", 1977, "Lira", 1989) - rigid signs of the modern life with its deviations from standards of morality, speculation about unity of the world and human destiny. Transfers klassikov eastern poetry (including. Firdousi, Dzhami, Rudaki, A.Navoi), national eposes ("Dzhangar", "Manas", Nartsky (nartovsky) the epos, "Geseriada"); from "Mahabharata". The story "Decade" (1983) about tragedy of deported Caucasian peoples within stalinshchiny. Memories.
  • LIPMAN (Lippmann) Gabriel (1845-1921), French physics, foreign corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science (1917; foreign corresponding member Petersburg AN with 1912). Has developed a method of a colour photography, founded on interference of light waves (1891), a method of an integral photo (1908). The Nobel Prize (1908).
  • LIPMAN (Lipmann) Frits Albert (1899-1986), the American biochemist. By origin the German. With 1939 in the USA. The main transactionses on a metabolism and powers in a cell. Has placed role ATF as generalpurpose carrier of power. Has secured a coenzyme And, probeed his chemical structure and a biological role. The Nobel Prize (1953).
  • LIPOVETSKY Mark Naumovich (r. 1964), the Russian critic, the literary critic, the Doctor of Philology (1996). The main orb of interests: the literature of the Soviet season, the modern literary process, Russian postmodernism. Books: " Freedom manual labour " (1991), " Poetics of a literary fairy tale " (1992).
  • ACIDUM LIPOICUM, monocarboxylic sulfur-containing acid. Participates in the capacity of a coenzyme in oxidizing reactions in an organism. A growth factor (vitamin) for some microorganisms.
  • LIPOMA (from grech. lipos - fat and... An ohm), the same, that a lipoma.
  • LIPOPROTEIDS, group of conjugated proteins which structure includes lipids. The main structural components of biological membranes animal and plant cells; are contained in a blood plasma and a nervous tissue of the person and animal.
  • LIPPERSGEJ (Lippershey) Hans (1587-1619), the Netherlands optician. Has created (1608 one of the first telescopes.
  • LIPPI (Lippi), italian painters, representatives of Early Revitalization, father and the son: 1) Fra Filippo (ok. 1406-69), the writer of religious patterns and frescos, proniknutyh society cheerfulness, zhanrizmom (" Adoration the baby ", kon. 1450 - nach. 1460th). 2) Filippino (ok. 1457-1504), in religious patterns and frescos introduced features of stylistic refinement, the note of disturbing, intensity (" Vision over. Bernarda ", ok. 1486).
  • LIPPIJA, a stem of bushes and subshrubs (less often than grasses) sets of a vervain family. St. 200 kinds, primarily in tropics of America. Lippija citric (a verbena citric) - efirnomaslichnoe a plant. Some kinds - ornamental plants.
  • LIPPS (Lipps) Teodor (1851-1914), the german philosopher, the psychologist, aesthetics; alongside with V.Vundtom and G.Ebbingauzom sistematizator german psychology kon. 19 century.
  • LIPSET (Lipset) Sejmur Martin (r. 1922), the American sociologist. Activities on social stratification, social mobility, a history of public idea, youth motion.
  • LIPSKEROV Konstantin Abramovich (1889-1954), the Russian poet. In verses (collections " Turkestani verses ", " the Golden palm ", " Day sixth ", all 1922), noted by classical strictness of the form, - an atmosphere and colour of the Orient, biblical and Buddhist motives. Patterns of the Moscow life in poetic stories "Other" (1922). Plays. Transfers.
  • LIPSKY Vladimir Ippolitovich (1863-1937), Ukrainian botanik, the academician (1919) and the president (1922-28) AN Ukraine, corresponding member AN the USSR (1925; corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science with 1924). Transactionses after a taxonomist and geography of seed plants, a history and the bibliography of botany. The writer of reports on a flora of Caucasus (t. 1-2, 1899-1902) and Compare. Asia (t. 1-3, 1902-05).
  • LIPSKOM (Lipskomb) (Lipscomb) William Nann (r. 1919), American fizikohimik. Probeed a nature of a chemical bond in boron hydrides. Transactionses on kvantovo-chemical simulation of metamorphosises of molecules in enzymatic processes. The Nobel Prize (1976).
  • LIPSCHITZ (Lipchitz) Jacque (1891-1973), the French artist. The native of Lithuania, from 1911 cable cores predominary in France. Having acquired methods of a cubism, it was put forward in figure of master sculptors of 20 century. In 1920-30-Ñ kubistichesky "angulate" laconism of forms, genre singleness of motives give up the place for Lipschitz to more continuous and majestic rhythms. In modes emotional lyricism, the bound with broad use of antique and biblejsko-gospel motives strengthens.
  • LIRA (ital. lira from an armour. libra - pound), 1) monetary unit of Italy, Vatican. 2) Monetary unit of Turkey, equal 100 kurusham (piasters).
  • LIRA (grech. lyra), 1) one of the most ancient phylums of the musical shchipkovyh instruments which catguts are stringed in bridge to a reverberatory body. 2) Ancient greek string shchipkovyj the instrument of type kifary. 3) the Grecian string stringed instrument, affine Bulgarian godulke, Yugoslavian liritse. 4) In Zap. To Europe 15-18 centuries string stringed instruments, close viole, a lute, a violin. 5) Wheel lira - the string friction instrument (Ukrainian relja, rylja, Byelorussian lera), widespread approximately since 11 century in Zap. And Vost. To Europe.
  • LIRA (an armour. Lyra), mia maid of Boreal hemisphere with bright aster Vega.
  • LYRICS (from grech. lyrikos - a uttered baking plate notes of lira), a stem literary (alongside with the epos, a drama), which subject of map - the content of internal life, natural "n" the poet, and the voice form - an internal monologue, predominary in verses. Envelops flock of poetic genres, napr.: elegija, a romance, a gazelle, a sonnet, a song, a poem. Any the phenomena and event of life in lyrics are replicated in the form of subjective experience. However "self-expression" of the poet finds in lyrics due to scale and depth of the personality of the writer universal value; to her all completeness of expression slozhnejshih problems of life is accessible. High samples of lyrical poetry were created Anakreont, Katull, by Arabian poets of 6-8 centuries, Lie Bo, Saadi, F.Petrarca, Dzh. Byron; in Russia - A.S.Pushkin, A.A.Blok.

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