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  • TROUBLE Leonid Ignatjevich (1920-76), doubly the Hero of Soviet Union (1944, 1945), the general - lieutenant of the aircraft (1972), the deserved military pilot of the USSR (1971). In Great Domestic war in an attack aviation, the mate of the regiment commander; over 200 sorties.
  • BEDAUJE TONGUE (bedzha tongue), tongue of people bedzha. Falls into kushitskoj branches afrazijskih tongues. Unwritten.
  • BEDEKER (Baedeker) Charles (1801-59), the german publisher. Has based in 1827 in Koblenz publishing house of guidebooks on different countries. Word "Bedeker" has become the title of guidebooks which prolongs to issue firm " K.Bedeker " (with 1958 in Freiburg, Germany; in 80th has come in publishing group " Ëàíãåíøåéäò ").
  • BEDZHA (bedauje), people of group kushitov on north-east of Sudan (ok. 1,75 million person) and in adjacent areas of Ethiopia and Egypt. General chisl. 1,85 million person (1992). Tongue bedauje. On religion moslems - sunnity.
  • BEDZHAIJA (Bougie), city in a north of Algeria, an administrative centre vilaji Bedzhaija. 124 thousand inhabitants (1987). A port (export of petroleum and iron oxide). A termination of oil pipelines from deposits in Sahara. The flavoring, cement enterprises.
  • BEDIL Mirza Abdulkadir (1644-1720 or 1721), persojazychnyj the poet of India. The main{basic} products{creations}: " Talisman amazement " (1669), the filosofsko-didactic composition the "Knowledge" (1711-12) including a romantic poem " Komde and Modan ". The creator meaningly complicated, t. n. Indian style.
  • BEDLAM (English bedlam, from Bethlehem - Bethlehem, city in Judea), 1) originally hospital him{it}. Maria Vifleemskoj, then the dwelling for mad in the London... 2) (Peren.) a madhouse; chaos, a confusion.
  • BADLAND (English badland) (bad grounds), slozhnoraschlenennyj the relief of arid and semidesert areas consisting of hardly branching gullies and fine-bored izzubrennyh of watersheds (napr., eastern foot of Rocky mountains in the USA, epines of piedmonts Compare. Asia).
  • BEDNODEMJANOVSK (up to 1925 Spassk), city (with 1779) in the Russian Federation, the Penza region, in 32 kms from zh.-d. Item Zubova the Glade. 8,3 thousand inhabitants (1991). An oil - mill, manufacture of art ceramics. It is called named D.Bednogo.
  • " POOR ART " (ital. arte povera), the term which the italian criticism of 1960th has marked out a direction, close to conceptual art and minimalism (his{its} most known representatives to Italy-ß. Kunellis and M.Merts). Expressly miserable, "poor" subjects and numerals only hint at art idea, giving last a mysterious innuendo. Installations in spirit of " poor art " often assimilate to ruins that pulls together it{him} with arheologizmom.
  • BEDNORTS (Bednorz) Johannes George (r. 1950), german physics. Transactionses on high-temperature conductivity{conductance}. The Nobel Prize (for discovering of new supercnductors; 1987, together with K.A.Mjullerom).
  • "POOR", the daily newspaper of Central Committee VKP (á) for peasants (in the Civil war - and krasnoarmejtsev), Moscow, 27.3.1918 - 31.1.1931. Has drained with the newspaper " Socialist agriculture ".
  • POOR Demjan (an ice-film. A name and fam. Eph. It is scarlet. Pridvorov) (1883-1945), the Russian writer. It was typed in bolshevistskih newspapers "Aster" è "Truth". Satirical verses popular in the Civil war, poetic feuilletons, a fable, songs; epicheskie poems " About ground, about will, about a working lobe " (1917), "Principal street" (1922). Signatures to " Windows of TASS ".
  • " POOR KONRAD " (a nem. " Armer Konrad "), the secret union which has headed antifeudal revolt of peasants and town-dwellers in 1514 in Wurttemberg (JUgo-Zap. Germany), largest of preceding to the Country war 1524-26, severely suppressed{quenched}.
  • PIMPINELLA, stem of grasses of a set umbrella. Ok. 150 kinds{views}, in Eurasia and Africa, some kinds in America. The pimpinella kamnelomkovyj are eurysynusic; his{its} pullet{young man} leaves use in I peep (by the way salads), roots use as seasoning, fruits - as spicery; there are feed kinds{views}, honey plants.
  • FEMUR, the upper department rear extremities for terraneous vertebrates (a leg - for the person) from a hip joint up to patellar. A skeleton of a hip - a femur. For arthropods a femur - 3-rd or 4-th from the grounding a mobile joint of a leg.
  • BEDUINY (from the arab. badauin - inhabitants of deserts), nomadic arabs - breeders (predominary verbljudovody) Forward{Front} Asia and the Sowing. Africa. In the european literature beduinami call also polukochevyh the arabs aligning cattle breeding with agriculture.
  • BEDE (Bedier) ZHozef (1864-1938), the French philologist - medievist. The writer of transposition of the medieval novel " Tristan and Izolda " (1900).
  • BEZHAR (Bejart) Moris (an ice-film. fam. Berzhe, Berger) (r. 1927), the French ballet dancer, the choreographer, the teacher. One of the largest figures of a choreographic art of 20 century. In 1953 together with Z.Loranom has based in Paris troupe "Ballet" of the Aster " (existed{breathed} up to 1957). In 1957-60 has headed troupe " Ballet theatre of Paris ". In 1960-87 in Brussels has organized troupe " Ballet of XX eyelid " ("Bolero" on M.Ravel music, 1960; " the Ninth concordance " on L.Beethoven music, 1964; I.F.Stravinsky "Parsley", 1977, etc.). In 1987-92 has based troupe " Ballet Bezhara in Lausanne ". Put ballets in troupes of miscellaneous countries. Aspiring in dance to express complexity of a spiritual life of modern society, renovated dancing lexicon.
  • BEZHEVETS Alexander Savvich (r. 1929), the pilot - verifier, the Hero of Soviet Union (1975). Has conducted tests from above 70 phylums and updatings of airplanes.
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