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  • The WALKING CRANE, strelovoj a rotary crane on a column which is established on 2-4-êîëåñíûõ the carriages transposed on one rail. The top of a column is retained by rollers in two balks. Carrying capacity up to 10 t, a flying out of a boom of 3-7 m.
  • BICYCLE SPORT, races on a racetrack, highway, a uneven terrain, and also competition in figurate driving and the game in a ball on velocipedes - velobol and velopolo. Has engendered in Europe in 1860th. In the program of Olympic Games with 1896; world championships on a racetrack with 1893, on highway with 1921, in enclosed spaces with 1929, on cross-country with 1950; Europe - only on races in enclosed spaces with 1930. In the International union of bicyclists (UCI; it is based in 1900) 152 countries (1991).
  • VELS (Vielona), in Baltic mythology htonicheskoe the godhood guarding showers died. Was considered also as the god of cattle.
  • VELUND, in the Scandinavian mythology the close smith to gods about which destiny it is told in " to the Song about Velunde " in " the Higher Edda ".
  • The WHALEBOAT (from English whale-boat - the whaling boat), express 4-8-âåñåëüíàÿ the boat with acute educations of naze and a stern. Distinguish razezdnye and rescue. Were applied in a whale - fishery.
  • VELVA, in the Scandinavian mythology providitsa; about existence for ancient germen of the women - prophetesses honored as the godhood, Roman historian Tatsit mentions. In " the Higher Edda " a mouth velvy transmits the story about an origin of gods and the future extremity of the world (" Oracle Velvy ").
  • VELVET FABRIC (velveteen) (from English velvet - a velvet), dense cotton or a synthetic fabric having on front face longitudinal scars from weft nap (a velvet fabric - cord - broad, a velvet fabric - scar - fine-bored). From a velvet fabric sew jackets, costumes, etc.
  • VELVETON, an all-over-colored closely woven fabric with the mild heavy-bodied combed nap on a front face. Apply primarily to sewing sport wear.
  • WELWITSCHIA, stem of gymnosperms of a set velvichievyh. 1 kind, in deserts on a southwest of Africa. The trunk a dia up to 1,2 m hardly acts above ground; 2 remnevidnyh coriaceous creeping a leaf (length of 2-3 m, sometimes up to 8 m, width up to 1,8 ì). Lives up to 2000 flying.
  • BEELZEBUB, in the New testament a name of the chapter of demons.
  • VELMO, the river in west Vost. Siberia, the left-handed in-leak of Stony Tunguska. 504 kms, the area of basin of 33,8 thousand êì2. It is navigable from a mouth r. Teja.
  • VELSK, city (with 1780) in the Russian Federation, the Archangelical region, for a lockin r. Vel in r. A crowbar. A depot. 26,8 thousand inhabitants (1992). Lesoobrabatyvajushchaja, a woodchemical industry; machine works; meat and milk combines. A study of local lore museum. It is known with 1137.
  • "VELT" (" Die Welt "), the daily newspaper in Germany, with 1946, Hamburg.
  • VELTMAN Alexander Fomich (1800-70), the Russian writer, corresponding member Petersburg AN (1854). In a cycle of novels " the Adventures obtained from starving everyday " (1846-63) - mixture of fancy and substantial, risky and household plans. Roman "Wanderer" (hours 1-3, 1831-1832).
  • VELFLIN Genrih (1864-1945), the Swiss critic. Has developed an assay techniques of art style, applying her for probes " psychologies of epoch ", and then " methods of vision " - formal grades to which Velflin reduced the characteristics of art of epoch or peoples.
  • VELFY (Welfen), a german princely stem, dukes of Bavaria (with 1070) and Saxony (with 1137). In extirpation with SHtaufenami Velfy (Genrih the Lion) have sufferred a defeat (1180) and have deprived a large part of possessions.
  • VELHAVEN (Welhaven) JUhan Sebastjan (1807-73), the Norwegian poet. Verses (collections 1839, 1860) spirit of patriarchal national romanticism.
  • VELHAUZEN (Wellhausen) JUlius (1844-1918), the german orientalist. Transactionses on an ancient history of Jews, a medieval history of arabs, islamovedeniju.
  • WAELZ PROCESS, extraction of metals (Zn, Pb, Cd, etc.) a distillation at heating in the rotated furnace of polymetallic waste products of leaden, copper and stannic manufactures.
  • VELYAMINOV Vasily Vasiljevich (?-1373), last Moscow tysjatsky, the representative staromoskovskogo a seignioral stem. In the infancy of prince Dmitry Donskogo one of chiefs of the Moscow government.
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