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  • BRITTANY, historical range and the modern economic region in France, on p-ove Brittany. In terrain of Brittany - departments Finister, the Cat - dju-Nor, Morbian, Il and Vilen. 27,2 thousand êì2. The population 2,8 million person (1992). Main city - Ren. With it is grey. 9 century duchy. In 2-nd floor. 12-13 centuries the vassal English, then the French kings. With 1491 in the personal union with France. It is adjoined to France in 1532, up to 1790 had the status of a province.
  • BRITTANY (Bretagne), peninsula in the west France. The prol is washed against. La Manche and Atlantic ok. Coasts low, rocky, riasovogo type. An altitude up to 384 m (Armorikanskaja vozv.). Heathlands, peat bogs, landscapes of type bokazh.
  • BRET-REGULUS METAL, see Regulus metal F.B.
  • BRETON (Breton) Andre (1896-1966), the French writer, one of founders of surrealism. (" the Manifest of surrealism ", 1924). In declarations of 1930th, in books " the Lariat 17 " (1945), " the Lamp in hours " (1948), not accepting bourgeois crop, asserted{approved}, that the personality finds freedom only in the intuitive mental certificates{acts} depressed{supressed} by a society.
  • BRETONSKAJA the HORSE, tjazhelovoznaja breed, is introduced in France (Brittany), cultivate in the same place. Animal mean growth, hardy and serviceable. It was used at breeding torijskoj breeds.
  • BRETONSKY TONGUE, falls into to indo-european family of tongues (the Celtic group). Writing on the basis of the latin alphabet.
  • BRETONTSY, people in France (Brittany). 1,05 million person (1992). Tongue bretonsky. Believing roman catholics.
  • BREHOVSKIH Leonid Maksimovich (r. 1917), Russian physics, the academician of the Russian Academy of Science (1991; academician AN the USSR with 1968). The hero Socialist Transactionses (1987). Transactionses after soundman, theories of distribution{propagation} acoustical and electromagnetic waves. Has discovered a ultralong acoustic propagation at-sea (together with other). The lenin premium (1970), State premiums of the USSR (1951, 1976).
  • BRESHA (Brescia) (Brescia), city in the Sowing. Italy, in range Lombardy, an administrative centre prov. Bresha. 197 thousand inhabitants (1990). Metallurgy, a machine industry, chemical, mild, a food-processing industry. University. Academy of the literature and art. Art passageways. Residues drevnerimskih constructions. A town hall (11-13 centuries), cathedral Duomo Vekkju (11-15 centuries).
  • BRESHKO-BRESHKOVSKAJA Ekaterina Konstantinovna (1844-1934), the Russian political figure. With nach. 1870th bordered on to populists, participat in " boating in people ". In 1874-96 in prison, on penal servitude and in the reference. One of creators and leaders of a consignment eserov, its{her} Battle organization. The participant of Revolution 1905-07. In 1907-17 again in prison and the reference. After February revolution played an active role among dextral eserov. October revolution has considered in a hostile way: participat in extirpation with the Soviet authority in the Volga region and Siberia. In 1919 has emigrated. In revolutionary and democratic circles it is known as " the grandmother of Russian revolution ".
  • HEDGE-HOPPING FLIGHT, flight of an airplane at extreme small altitude (5-50 ì) with the purposes of sudden assault on the object covered with air defense weapons. Since 50th the term " flight at extreme small altitude " (up to 200 ì) is applied.
  • BRIAKSIS from the Hickory (2-n a floor. 4 century up to n. e.), the ancient greek sculptor. Worked on a dressing of the Mausoleum in Galikarnase. The writer of five titanic statues of gods on Rhodes, statues Asklepija and Gigieji in Megarah. In Alexandria worked in Serapione, sanctuary{holy place} Serapisa, and has created the well-known statue of the god representing it{him} similar on Zevsa mature man with gap-filling fruits by a basket on a head. Circle Briaksisa posesses a statue sitting on throne Demetry (the British museum, the London). For his{its} style it is characteristic mild shadow modelirovka surfaces of marble.
  • BRIAN (Boroime) (Brian, Boroimhe) (926 or 941-1014), supreme king of Ireland with 1002. In 1014 army Briana has routed the Danes who have intruded to Ireland in battle at place Klontarf, however itself Brian has been killed.
  • BRIAN (Briand) Aristidas (1862-1932), repeatedly in 1909-31 prime minister of France and Minister for Foreign Affairs. One of initiators of the design of building of unit " Pan - Europe ", Kelloga - Briana the pact 1928, etc. In 20th conducted anti-soviet policy; in 1931 has taken steps to rendezvous{approach} of France from the USSR. The Nobel Prize of the world (1926 together with G.Shtrezemanom) for " pacific settlement of international attitudes{relations} ".
  • BRIANTSA (Brianza) Karlotta (1867-1930), the italian actress of ballet. Master solistka theatre " Ac the Rock ". In 1887-91 acted in Russia. The first performer of a consignment of the Aurora in ballet " the Latent beauty " P.I.Chajkovskogo.
  • BRIG (English brig, abbr. from ital. brigantino - a brigantine), 1) a marine sailing two-masted vessel with goosewings... 2) In a VTR - the battle sailing ship{spacecraft} (18-19 centuries).
  • BRIGADE (frants. brigade).. 1) tactical connection in all kinds{views} of armed forces, service arms (forces), a special troops; exists{breathes} in different countries about 2-nd floor. 16 century, in Russia - with nach. 18 century. In a land forces will consist routinely of several batallions (divisions) and subdividings of a special troops. Can be separate or enter{include} in a division... 2) the Group of faces in unison executing{designing} a fixed complex of activities.
  • The FOREMAN (a nem. Brigadier).. 1) an officer grade in Russian army in 18 century, intermediate between the colonel and the general - major; exists{breathes} in English and other armies... 2) the Chief of a production team.
  • The BRIGADE COMMISSIONER, military rank (in 1935-42) the maximum political-military structure of Red Army and a VTR.
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