Friday, May 25, 2007

  • BADHYZ, a high ground in southeast Turkmenii, in an interfluve of Tedzhen and Murghab. An altitude up to 1267 m. Badhyzsky reservation.
  • BADHYZSKY RESERVATION, in Turkmenii, in region Maryjskoj, in an interfluve of Tedzhen and Murghab. It is based in 1941. The area ok. 88 thousand ga. Semidesert vegetation, pistache-woodlands. An indigenous population of an onager; a Middle Asian gazelle, a leopard, a hyena, a ratel, the goanna, a cobra, etc. To Badhyzskomu to reservation 3 protection regimes (places of drinking places and birthes of young plants of an onager and a Middle Asian gazelle) concern.
  • BUD - SHALLERBAH (Bad Schallerbach), a balneal health resort in Austria, to the west from Linz.
  • ANISEED TREE (anistree), stem of evergreen trees of a set illitsievyh. St. 40 kinds{views}, in Vost. And JUgo-Vost. Asia, in the south the Sowing. America. From fruits of an aniseed tree true, or an anise radial, receive an essential oil.
  • BUD - ELSTER (Bad Elster), balneal, muddy and a climatic health resort in Germany, to the south from Plauen.
  • BUD - EMS (Bad Ems), a balneal health resort in Germany, to the orient from Koblenz.
  • FRESH-WATER SPONGES, a set of freshwater sponges. The dimensions of colonys up to 1 m. St. 90 kinds{views}, in the rivers and lakes of Eurasia. Settling in water pipes, fresh-water sponges can clog them.
  • BADJARIHA, the river in Yakutia, dextral in-leak{influx} of Indigirka. 545 kms, the area of basin of 12,2 thousand êì2.
  • BAEV Alexander Aleksandrovich (1903/04-94), the Russian biochemist, the academician of the Russian Academy of Science (1991; academician AN the USSR with 1970), the academician of Russian Academy of Agrarian Sciences (1985), the Hero Socialist Transactionses (1981). The main{basic} transactionses on a molecular biology: to cellular respiration, chemical constitution and function acceptor RNA, etc. The State premium of the USSR (1969).
  • BAEVA Belief Mihajlovna (r. 1936), the Russian singer (a liriko-coloratura soprano), the national actress of the USSR (1986). With 1959 solistka the Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) philarmonic society.
  • BAZHAN Mikola (Nikolay Platonovich) (1903-83), the Ukrainian poet, the public figure, academician AN of Ukraine (1951), the Hero Socialist Transactionses (1974). In historical and the modern epicheskih scenes - themes of opposition of goods and evil, the conflict of the creator and a society (the collection of "Structure", 1929; poems " Gofmanova night ", 1929, "Sleptsy", 1929-32; a cycle of poems " Umanskie memories ", 1970th). In a poem about Kirov "Immortality" (1937), the poetic collection " Stalingradskaja battle " (1943), "Marks" (1978; the Lenin premium, 1982) - publicistic fervor, civil lyrics. The state premium of the USSR (1946, 1949).
  • BAZHANOV Vasily Borisovich (1800-83), protopresviter, the member of the Most holy Synod, the father confessor of persons of the Royal house, tutor Alexander II (together with V.A.Zhukovskim). The writer of the book " About responsibilities of the christian ".
  • BAZHENOVSKOE the DEPOSIT chrysotile - asbestos, in the Russian Federation, Sverdlovsk region. It is developed with 1889. Known reserves of an asbestos 63,9 million t with the mean content of an asbestos in ore of 2,28 %. Annual manufacture of an asbestos over 1 million t (1991.) Center of production-. An asbestos.
  • BAZHOV Pavel Petrovich (1879-1950), the Russian writer. Motives and modes{images} of the Ural folklore in fairy tales (the collection " the Malachite casket ", 1939). The autobiographical story " the Green swell dowel " (1939), memoirs " Long-distance - close " (1949). The state premium of the USSR (1943).
  • BASE (frants. base, from grech. basis), 1) the grounding, the basis{fundamentals} something; in the architecture - the grounding, foot of a column or a pile... 2) the Organization engaging supply or service (napr., excursion base)... 3) the Warehouse.
  • BASE of wheel vehicles, distance between forward{front} and rear shafts 2-îñíîãî the automobile{car}, a tractor, the trailer or between a front axle and the centre 2-îñíîé carriages 3-îñíîãî the automobile{car}. Base of the rail car or the locomotive - center distance of marginal shafts or pivots of carriages.
  • BASE MILITARY, terrain and a troops located on her with arms stockpiles, an ammunition and other material supplies. Are sectioned on air, marine and rocket-propelled.
  • The DATABASE{ARCHIVE}, the sequenced data set, intended for a storage, accumulation and machining with the help of a computer. For building and management of a database{an archive} (updating, providing of access to nymas under inquiries and issues to their user) the panel tongue and the software called as a guidance system of database{archive} (SUBD) is used.
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